The Marvel Cinematic Universe has typically had a presence at San Diego Comic-Con each year. In past years, fans at the event got to see the first reveal of a big movie trailer or learned tidbits about the films. Marvel will be back for San Diego this year, but it's seeming like the presentation will be lacking in terms of major movie news or a "Captain Marvel" trailer reveal. However, there will be something for Netflix fans, as "Iron Fist" will be part of the latest presentation.

'Iron Fist' at Comic-Con

Of all the Marvel superhero shows that were brought to Netflix, the "Iron Fist" series was one that wasn't as well-received as others.

Still, there are plans for another season, and fans are hoping that the second installment will do Danny Rand and the series some justice. Marvel will have "Iron Fist" as a major part of their presentation for this year's Comic-Con.

The Deadline website confirmed that actor Finn Jones who portrays Danny Rand aka "Iron Fist" will be on hand for the presentation. It's also expected that there will be other members of the cast and crew from the Netflix series available for Comic-Con. The second season of the show could offer new life to the comic book hero, as "Sleepy Hollow" writer Raven Metzner will be on board. The Iron Fist character will also make a cameo appearance during the upcoming second season of "Luke Cage" on Netflix (June 22).

It hasn't been confirmed, but the ComicBook website suggested that "Daredevil," may also have a presence at San Diego Comic-Con ahead of the third season on Netflix. There's also the possibility that "Punisher" could surprise fans, as a sophomore season of that is currently in production. That could mean a heavy Marvel TV presentation for fans this year.

Very little Marvel movie presence

With the news that Marvel's television show "Iron Fist" (and possibly "Daredevil") will appear at Comic-Con, brings disappointing news for many fans. So far, the reports are pointing to a very limited presence in terms of upcoming Movies. That could mean a lack of anything for "Captain Marvel" which is due out in March 2019.

The same could be said for "Avengers 4," the conclusion to "Avengers: Infinity War," which arrives in May 2019. Other movies on the horizon will include a "Spider-Man: Homecoming" sequel and "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3" but neither are expected to be part of Marvel's presentation.

Marvel's biggest movie on the slate coming up right now is "Ant-Man and The Wasp." That arrives in theaters on July 6th. Fans will get to binge "Luke Cage" on Netflix starting on Friday (June 22) and then wait until the next movie or series. As of this report, there are no reported release dates for "Daredevil" Season 3, "Punisher" Season 2, or "Iron Fist" Season 2.