Heather Locklear was arrested on Sunday night, June 24 at her Ventura County home. TMZ reported on Monday, June 25 that police officers arrived at Locklear's home, and that they found a very agitated and heavily intoxicated Locklear. Locklear was also engaged in a heated confrontation with family members. When officers attempted to separate the actress from her family, Locklear reportedly punched the officer and then kicked an EMT responder who was putting her on a gurney.

Heather Locklear continues to spiral out of control

Locklear was first taken to the hospital where she was checked out by medical personnel.

She was later transported to a nearby jail where she was booked on two counts of battery on a police officer and emergency personnel.

At this time, Heather Locklear is being held on a $20,000 bond. This is the second time in a week that Locklear's family has been forced to call 911 for her out of control behavior. On June 17, Blasting Pop reported that Locklear was placed on an involuntary psychiatric hold after physically attacking her parents and threatening to kill herself.

Howard Stern recently spoke about Heather Locklear

As previously reported by Radar Online in a June 19 report, Heather Locklear's close friend Howard Stern spoke out on his SiriusXM radio show, saying that he believed that Heather Locklear's former husbands, Richie Sambora and Tommy Lee, are to blame for her current mental and addiction issues.

Stern stated that being married to these two men “drove her insane.” However, the report also pointed out that despite both Sambora and Lee's own personal issues with drugs and alcohol, Locklear's did not publicly surface until 2008 -- two years after her divorce from Sambora and over ten years after her divorce from Lee.

This situation has been extremely difficult for Locklear's entire family, especially for her 20-year-old daughter Ava Sambora.

Ava Sambora has reportedly been traumatized by her mother's tragic downfall and is leaning on her dad, Richie Sambora, for comfort -- according to a February 27 report from Blasting News.

At this point it appears that Heather Locklear's issues are far more serious than the 72-hour psych hold and short rehab stints have been able to treat, and perhaps more intervention is necessary.

At this time Locklear's reps have yet to respond to the media's request for comment. This story is still developing.