In "The Flash" Season 4, viewers got to see actor Hartley Sawyer in a fun recurring character role. Danielle Nicolet has also been a part of several episodes since the first season in a recurring role. It now appears that they've both been promoted to return to the show for its fifth season. The good news for both Nicolet and Sawyer, as well as fans of the characters they portray, is that they'll both be regulars on the show. Keep in mind that some major spoilers may follow for those who have yet to see the entire fourth season of "The Flash."

Sawyer promoted to regular

A report from the website indicates that they've promoted Hartley Sawyer to a regular member of the cast, rather than having him listed in a "recurring role." Sawyer will continue to play the role of Ralph Dibny, who is his character's real name.

However, he also has a superhero alias based on the DC Comics.

Todd Helbing, executive producer for the show, said bringing back Hartley Sawyer was based on many things, but mostly how much the cast and crew "fell in love with him" as an actor. Helbing previously told the ComicBook website that there are a "lot of things we haven't done yet with Ralph Dibny" based on his unique powers. Helbing also mentioned that Sue Dibny will need to be introduced at some point, but that bringing Hartley Sawyer back was crucial to keep telling his stories.

Sawyer's role on the show

In the DC comic books and on the show, Dibny becomes the Elongated Man. The character first made an appearance in Volume 1, Issue No.

112 of The Flash comic books back in 1960. He was key to the storyline for the most recent televised season of "The Flash" too. In that storyline, superfast superhero The Flash and his team had to find a way to defeat a powerful villain known as The Thinker. At one point during the season, it looked like Dibny's superhero had suffered his death, but Team Flash managed to bring him back to life.

This ended up being key to defeating The Thinker.

Since Dibny (aka Elongated Man) became a part of Team Flash, it's only natural that he'll return as a regular character in Season 5. Based on the way the Season 4 finale ended, it appears some sort of trouble is in store for the team due to a mistake someone made in the future.

It should be interesting to see how Dibny plays into the future-based story that involves someone close to Barry and Iris.

Nicolet will also be a regular

Actress Danielle Nicolet will also return as a series regular for the fifth season. Screen Rant reported on Thursday (June 13) that Nicolet had received the promotion to series regular. Nicolet first appeared in several episodes of the first season as Cecile Horton, the district attorney of Central City, who also happens to be detective Joe West's love interest.

Not only does she have those aspects to her character, but she also developed some interesting powers. When Horton was pregnant, she came to realize she had mindreading abilities. She appeared in a two-arc part of the first season and then stared in a recurring role again in the third season.

Now she gets to appear as a regular and could be another powerful ally to Team Flash in the latest story.

Fans can watch "The Flash" Season 5 when it returns to the CW on Tuesdays this fall or stream Season 4 on Netflix.