With all of the ups-and-downs in their relationship, Bravo reality stars Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright have made the three-year mark together, The Daily Dish noted. As the Bravo couple gives a public nod on social media to their special date, they are also taking on engagement rumors that have been circling, according to the Reality Blurb.

The couple, known for their roles on “Vanderpump Rules,” acknowledged their time together on social media. Jax broached their special date with a photo he posted on his Twitter account. He captioned the image by referencing Brittany as his “soul mate,” his “queen,” and his “everything.” He may have even earned good boyfriend with points with his terms of endearment.

The reality star also credited his girlfriend for making him “a better man each day.” Jax certainly included the magic three words, “I love you.” Brittany reciprocated by tweeting back to him, “love you honey!!” Their tweets were sweet.

Mixed reaction from fans on social media about anniversary

Fans mostly congratulated the two. There are fans, however, who won’t forget that Jax stepped out on Brittany when he had a tryst with Faith Stowers.

Despite his infidelity, Brittany stayed with Jax and the couple moved on. But even while reveling about their anniversary, there are some fans who just had to bring up the past, still hopeful that Brittany will be treated well by her long-time boyfriend.

Responses to their anniversary spurred a mix of congratulatory messages and posts which suggest fans hope that Jax has really changed for the better.

They want Brittany to have in a boyfriend and in a relationship all the happiness and love that she deserves.

While fans may speculate, The Daily Dish has had a bird’s eye view on the couple, with Bravo’s production crew following their lives with greater frequency than avid and casual observers who watch “Vanderpump Rules.” Bravo’s rumor is that Jax and Brittany “seem stronger now than ever.” Fans sure hope so.

Bravo stars take on rumors of engagement, sparked over ring

In addition to their anniversary, the “Vanderpump Rules” stars are also talking about the potential that they are engaged to marry. Rumors were sparked when Brittany began wearing a dazzling diamond ring. Many fans thought that her ring-wearing was a signal that the couple is planning to marry, but didn’t make the news public.

Jax went on record as saying he has not asked Brittany to marry him, Reality Blurb and Us Weekly have reported. The ring on Brittany’s finger is also not one that she always wears on the same finger. She mixes it up.

Brittany has also gone on record, stating that when she does marry, it will definitely be in her home state of Kentucky, but that there is no wedding date set for any time in the near future.

She is simply thinking ahead, to when someone does ask her to be a wife and she plans her wedding.

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