Lisa Rinna and her husband, Harry Hamlin, along with their daughters, Amelia and Delilah, are mourning the loss of their much-loved family pet, an older Rottweiler named Lola. Lisa posted the sad news on her Instagram account on May 25. Lola was not well for the past month, according to the Daily Mail (UK).

The celebrity and reality star also shared a touching photo of husband Harry saying goodbye to Lola. Fans who have also been through the loss of a family pet expressed a great deal of empathy and support, as well as their condolences for Lisa and her family.

Lisa shared heartwarming but heart wrenching photo of Lola and Harry

“It’s so very hard to say Goodbye,” the star wrote. The photo of Harry with Lola truly does convey more than words can say. Fans realize how very well loved Lola was and that she had a great life. She was a star in her own right, appearing on a reunion episode of “Vanderpump Rules.” Lola oversaw when Lisa assisted Rocky in meeting the world.

Fans were introduced to Rocky, Lisa’s pup, and were treated to also seeing Lola, Lisa’s adult Rottweiler. Lisa shared earlier this month that Lola was not doing very well health-wise. Knowing that still does not take away the pain or lessen the depth of loss when a furry family member dies and crosses the Rainbow Bridge.

Lola was as ‘comfortable’ as possible

During the reunion show with Rocky and Lola, The Daily Dish reported, Lisa did not delve into specific details about Lola’s condition. She put it simply that the family was doing its best to assure that Lola was as comfortable as possible.

In her Instagram post on Friday, Lisa captioned the photo of Lola and Harry.

She wrote her thank you to her beloved Lola, stating that Lola gave “unconditional love.” It was emotionally difficult to see that Lisa is “devastated.”

Lisa acknowledged fans and followers, too. She pointed out that many people “got a kick out of Lola.” Fans know Lola was special and a sport. After all, she was glammed for the reunion show.

Fans show their support

In addition to sharing the feeling of loss with Lisa, fans have not disappointed in terms of expressing support and sorrow. Instagram account user @susanhobbs3250 conveyed, “Heart aching for you and your family. There is no love like that of our pups.”

Another Instagram user (@beckysassatelli) stated, “So sorry to hear about your loss. Lola was blessed to have fabulous owners like you and Harry Hamlin.” Lisa’s loss is a feeling so many fans have experienced, only not so very publicly.

With Lisa’s grief over Lola there also pride and joy also for the star and her family.

Yahoo Lifestyle reported that Lisa’s daughter, Delilah, “slayedFashion Week in Australia. Lisa and Harry must feel extremely proud of Delilah, 19, who not only killed it on the runway, she also opened for Koral.

It took a lot for their daughter to walk in the show, overcoming the agoraphobia that had been so prevalent since she was 11-years-old. Fans see her as very courageous and an inspiration.

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