Bravo reality star Reza Farahan extended a touching message of love and support to “Shahs of Sunset” co-star Mercedes Javid on Twitter after the death of her dad, Shams Javid. Mercedes had relayed news of her father’s passing on her Instagram and Twitter accounts on May 18.

The Daily Dish recently noted Reza’s support for Mercedes. He tweeted, “LOVE YOU” to her. Her castmate and fans alike have been moved by the news that Mercedes’ father has died. Her initial post, confirming that dad Shams died, presented a loving tribute. Fans reacted with sorrow and condolences.

Some fans even related, sharing their experiences regarding the loss of a parent.

Star went through denial before father died

Before her father died, he had experienced health issues, including a stroke. Until Christmas Eve 2017, Shams was showing signs of improvement. In light of the health problems Mercedes’ father was having, she opened up to Andy Cohen in October 2018. She told the host of “Watch What Happens Live” that she went through a period of denial.

Her posts on social media, relating to her father’s death, have continued to touch fans. Her deep love, respect, and admiration for him has not gone unnoticed. Mercedes stated earlier this month that she has been leaning on her mom, Vida, her husband, Tommy Feight, and her friends for emotional support.

Fans are relieved to see that Reza is among those extending continued support for her.

Fans moved by reality star’s continued sharing on social media

Mercedes relayed on Instagram earlier today, on May 25, that there was not a single day that passed since the date she was born that she had not spent with her dad. She spoke of how much she loved him and also expressed her gratitude for teaching her “to be tough.” In addition, she thanked Shams for instilling in her “to always be kind to strangers.”

One Instagram user, who uses the moniker @mlpenna, wrote, “May he [Shams] rest in Paradise.” Another fan, @lindagreen4919, pointed out that Mercedes now has an angel watching over her.

With her family, including her mother and husband, and co-stars such as Reza offering an outpouring of love and support, fans are hopeful that the pain of such a great loss may subside. As well as offering his support to Mercedes, Reza has also been busy lending a hand to others.

Reza also lends support to assist animals

Along with his husband, Adam Neely, Reza helped give a cat sanctuary a makeover.

He shared photos of their involvement on his Instagram account earlier this month. Fans gave the duo a huge nod for helping the cats and for supporting pet adoption.

Most of the comments praised the couple for helping animals. One fan, however, jumped right in, referencing Reza’s mustache, and asked him, “How long has the stash been shaved?”

In April, Bravo confirmed that “Shahs of Sunset” was picked up for Season 7. A premiere date has not been confirmed, however.

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