It looks as if Donald Trump did away with that important filter when sending out a tweet about Roseanne Barr, or at least it looks this way to some folks on Fox News today. You know that filter, it is an invisible one. It sits somewhere between the time a thought pops into your mind and the time that same thought is transported to your fingertips on the keyboard so you can send it off to Twitter followers. It was during the Fox News live broadcast on Wednesday midday (May 30) that word of Trump breaking his silence over the "Roseanne" debacle was aired.

Not everyone was on board with the president of the US getting involved in the downfall of Roseanne Barr via a tweet.

Trump broke his silence about the Roseanne Barr debacle today by sending out a tweet, which is seen below. According to CNN, "He (Trump) is implying that he is the victim of a liberal media double standard." Some of the commentators over at Fox News during their live midday broadcast weren't enthused with Trump's tweet. A few suggested that this was a battle Trump should have steered away from. Fox is traditionally seen as a pro-Trump network, so this may have been surprising to some viewers.

President should steer clear of 'Roseanne' debacle... too late!

While some folks on the Fox News mid-afternoon broadcast agreed with Trump's thoughts in his tweet over the double standards, others didn't.

Judge Napolitano had a different take on Trump's tweet. He thought this was an absolute no-no. Then there were others who thought that with all that is going on in this nation today, the last thing Trump needs to do is get involved with Roseanne's downfall, which was spawned from the comedian's racist tweet.

Judge Napolitano calls president's tweet a 'lose, lose, lose' situation.

Fox's News contributor and host, Judge Andrew Napolitano, was a guest on Fox's "Outnumbered" today and he was adamant that Trump should have stayed out of the Roseanne Barr mess.

He also said that this was a "lose, lose, lose," move for the president when describing Trump's tweet.

Constitutional rights

This comes on the heels of Barr tweeting about the double standard as well. The host of "Media Buzz," Howard Kurtz," was on the Fox News live broadcast after "Outnumbered" on Wednesday afternoon. He suggested that Roseanne Barr sometimes has something ugly to say and that is her right.

But at the same time, "she doesn't have a constitutional right to a sitcom on the air." This is where ABC exercised their own rights and canceled the show. He felt ABC did the right thing, as did many other Fox News guests they talked to today.

Kurtz's view seems to mirror the view of Napolitano, who also said that Roseanne Barr has the constitutional right to say anything she wants without interference from the government. She doesn't have the constitutional right to have a sitcom, so the consequences for her behavior were handed down by the people behind that show.

Double standards over at ABC?

Fox News Host Harris Faulkner brought up an example of ABC possibly demonstrating a double standard.

She reminded Kurtz, who is giving ABC a lot of credit for canceling "Roseanne," how ABC seemingly ignored what Paula Dean did a few years back. The network cast Paula Deen on "Dancing With the Stars" after her "N-word" controversy, but yet they take "Roseanne" off the air.

It looks like Barr, along with her many tweets over the past few days, have stirred up the pot for many different venues today. Even the pharmaceutical leg of the nation had something to say. According to USA Today, the makers of Ambien, Sanofi, weighed-in on something Barr said in a tweet while apologizing for the racist remark that derailed her career. Roseanne's excuse of an Ambien-induced tweet apparently hit a chord with the makers.

While her name wasn't mentioned, they conveyed in their tweet that "racism is not a known side effect of any Sanofi medication." It appears that Roseanne's excuse of an Ambien-induced tweet isn't flying with this drug company. That tweet is seen below.