Roseanne Barr is sorry, but that sorry is just not going to cut it as an entire cast and crew is out of a job stemming from one nasty tweet sent out by the comedian. That one tweet is at the root of "Roseanne" the show, becoming a short-lived reboot as ABC has decided to cancel the works. One of the first to express their disdain for this incident was Sara Gilbert, who plays Roseanne's daughter on the show.

Barr's first apology came shortly after the uproar over the tweet on Tuesday and while it was meant to convey she was sorry, it was her tweet later in the day that seemed extremely genuine.

In it she was telling her fans that what she did was "unforgivable" and she does not want anyone to defend her actions.

Leaves cast and crew without a job

As "Fox & Friends" discussed on their Wednesday morning show, Barr has essentially rendered a few hundred people jobless with her tweet. Apparently, that is how many people depend on paychecks from the "Roseanne" show and now no longer have a job.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Barr sent out an apology to the "hundreds" of talented people who worked in various capacities to put "Roseanne" on the air. From the actors to those behind the scenes, Barr cited "hundreds" of people now without a job and she is sorry about this.

'Ambien tweeting'

According to Reuters, Roseanne Barr has continued to send out tweets since having her show canceled and she blamed the sleep-aid Ambien for her racist tweet in one of her posts yesterday.

She called it "Ambien tweeting" at "2 in the morning."

Co-worker peeved

Sara Gilbert made dang sure that the public heard her when she passed along how the rest of the crew and cast were not affiliated with that racist tweet. Gilbert made sure to let the public know her feelings about what Barr did. She tweeted: "I am disappointed in her actions, to say the least.”

On Tuesday morning Barr sent out a tirade via Twitter and she described Obama's former advisor, an African-American woman named Valerie Jarrett, as being a spawn of the Muslim Brotherhood and "Planet of the Apes." Gilbert called this tweet "abhorrent" when posting her Twitter statement.

Hollywood weighs-in

Emma Kenney, who is also a star of "Roseanne" said she was hurt, embarrassed, and disappointed. She contacted her manager to tell them she was quitting the show and this is when she learned the show was already canceled, according to Too Fab. Kenny also said that "bullies do not win. Ever."

Actress Wanda Sykes, who worked on the program, had already said she wouldn't be coming back when the show was canceled by ABC. Hollywood voiced their opinions and they were not nice when it came to Roseanne Barr's ugly attempt at comedy.

One of those stars has a history of being a bit outspoken themselves, and that would be Charlie Sheen.

'Good riddance'

Sheen was happy to see "Roseanne" go, saying "good riddance." He now claims they left a space for his own reboot, "Charlie Harper Returns." Minnie Driver took to social media to say she is proud of ABC for booting "Roseanne." Despite the gold mine that comes along with the show, ABC did the right thing Driver conveyed to her followers online. The stars were quoted on Too Fab, with others saying they felt bad for the rest of the cast and crew who basically just lost a job over a co-workers actions.

He world implodes

Roseanne Barr was fired by the talent agency who handles her as a client, as well as being nixed from ABC, according to the Fox News live broadcast on Tuesday afternoon.

It is too bad that Barr had to take all the other hard working actors down with her by getting "Roseanne" shut down. Her actions rippled across the lives of hundreds today, who were employed in front of and behind the camera on the "Roseanne" show.