The reboot of "Roseanne" was short-lived after ABC announced that it scraped season 11 of the "Roseanne" show. Jaws dropped around the nation when word came down that the network canceled the sitcom altogether today. This comes on the heels of a racist tweet that Roseanne posted, which drew the ire of both viewers and her co-stars. Wanda Sykes announced earlier that she will not be returning to "Roseanne" following Barr's tweet.

The tirade that Roseanne Barr unleashed on Twitter was condemned by Sara Gilbert, who plays Roseanne's daughter on the show.

ABC acted with such speed, according to Fox News in their live broadcast on Tuesday afternoon. They didn't waste any time in canceling the show.

What was she thinking?

Barr described Obama's former advisor, Valerie Jarrett, who is African-American, as a combination of the Muslim Brotherhood and "Planet of the Apes." Gilbert called this tweet "abhorrent." Gilbert was also quick to relay that this tweet did not reflect the beliefs of the cast and crew affiliated with the "Roseanne" show.

The show is gone despite an apology from star

Despite the apology posted by Roseanne Barr, ABC immediately took action and announced the show's cancelation. Gilbert also conveyed how this is such a sad situation for all of the cast and crew who came together to create a show that they "believe in." Gilbert said, "I am disappointed in her actions, to say the least.”

She went on to say that they were proud of their work and also pointed to how the audiences loved what they were doing on this sitcom reboot.

One cast member's tweet seemed to have ruined all this for the rest of the cast. This was reported by TV Online shortly after the announcement was made.

ABC quick to act

The president of ABC released a statement that included condemning Roseanne's tweet along with the announcement of the cancelation of the show. Roseanne apologized for making a "bad joke," according to Fox News on their Tuesday broadcast.

The tweet that caused the show's cancelation was deleted. Wanda Sykes not only played a role on the show, she was also a consulting producer for the sitcom.

It was a gold mine for ABC, Roseanne, and the cast

The reboot of "Roseanne" was so successful that it was renewed for a second season after only one show. Pre-production on the second season was already underway.

Despite losing a show that awarded ABC huge ratings, the general consensus online is that they did the right thing.

The right thing

Disney CEO Bob Iger tweeted that there was only one thing that ABC could do about this and that was to "do the right thing." The live broadcast of Fox News on Tuesday afternoon suggested that ABC would be facing all kinds of criticism if they didn't scrap the show.

The reboot of "Roseanne" which was billed as a continued season of the show, premiered just three months ago. It went viral and it looked as though it would have a long shelf-life until this happened.