The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers, for the week of September 3, point to Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) in an urgent situation. Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) is gathering troops and once again he puts the family at odds as they form sides. Then there's Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye), who is not in awe of his wife's latest campaign and he is slated to let this be known.

Bill Spencer loves a good fight

Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) is not accustomed to losing. Despite his claim of "10 to 12 judges on speed dial," a looming court case does not favor him.

Justin Barber (Aaron D.

Spears) gave Bill the probable outcome in a previous episode. His parenting history won't bode well in family court, where he doesn't have a judge in his pocket, which is what Justin reminds him.

This becomes more than just a custody battle for Bill next week. It is a battle with General Thorne Forrester ( (Ingo Rademacher) on the front lines in Bill's eyes.

While Bill sincerely wants Will Spencer (Finnegan George) in his life, something more is in play. Thorne's constant prodding and poking of Bill will put him in a fighting mode.

Fans don't need Bold and the Beautiful spoilers to point out how much Bill loves a fight.

Thorne Forrester slithers his way in

Thorne continues to build a foundation for his new family, or so the thinks. According to the Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for next week, Thorne will make it very clear to Katie Logan (Heather Tom) that he loves her.

At the same time, Thorne will take advantage of Will's sadness and make himself indispensable to the kid.

Katie is bulldozed by Thorne who takes too many liberties in Katie's business for a new boyfriend. O for a boyfriend of any amount of time for that matter.

Main B&B Plot these days

It's Hope Logan who is gathering much of the soap's attention these days.

Her pregnancy and her marriage to Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) has the "Bold and the Beautiful" spoilers running over with speculation. Annika Noelle, who plays the role of Hope Logan recently said in an interview that Hope is indeed pregnant.

This put all the rumors of a fake pregnancy, a sickness that mocks pregnancy symptoms, and a tubular cyst out the window. While a past miscarriage puts her at a higher risk, so far it appears that Hope and her baby have a bright future. Still, this is a soap and nothing goes smooth or people would find it boring. With that said, there will be some bumps in the road for Hope, which is something Annika shared during that interview.

Hope Logan is rushed to the hospital

Hope will start to experience that bumpy road ahead next week when she "rushes to the hospital," according to the Watercooler spoilers. It is important to take note of the wording, "Hope rushes to the hospital." It doesn't indicate Hope's rushed to the hospital as most spoilers state.

Many spoilers are suggesting that Hope will experience a scare next week, but she could rush to the hospital for other reasons as well. Speculation is what ruins reputations, but Hope has been complaining of "all-day-long" morning sickness. If the soap scripts a severe bout of morning sickness for Hope, this could keep her confined to bed and out of work at Forrester Creations.

Liam Spencer and Steffy Forrester

Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) has no idea the stress that Hope is under due to her relationship with Liam. Hope sees the writing on the wall, at Steffy's house, with a picture of Steffy and Liam in an intimate pose.

This picture is as big as life and it is lurking over Hope's head on the wall behind her during her quick visit there to retrieve her husband. Liam is at Steffy's visiting Kelly and the scene of the two new parents together is a rude awakening to Hope.

The show must go on

In the spoilers for next week, Steffy will continue getting her lingerie launch ready at FC. She will be modeling some of these skimpy outfits. If Hope is laid up at home with morning sickness this will leave Liam and Steffy spending a lot of time together at FC without Hope around.

This is also the same place that Steffy walked in on Liam and Hope in her dressing room.

Liam's made no secret of his love for both Steffy and Hope. Now with Steffy slated to be walking around in lingerie at work as one of the models, will this tempt Liam? So far his twisted motto seems to be "love the one your with."

Will history repeat itself - or will Steffy stay true to her word and really put an end to the hurt between the trio? This is a soap and sadly people don't walk into the sunset holding hands and smiling most of the time.

Whatever the future holds for Hope, fans will be happy to know that it looks as if she will be happy with a newborn baby in the future. Whether Liam will be by her side or not, this remains to be seen.

Hope's rude awakening started this week at Steffy's house when she saw that picture of Steffy and Liam in a rather intimate pose. Steffy is getting all the firsts out of Hope's husband. Hope saw this with Liam and Steffy together as first-time parents to Kelly. Then during the ultrasound test, it was very uncomfortable for Hope to learn that it wasn't Liam's first time there at the facility.

This theme of Hope feeling as if she is walking in Steffy's shoes continues on next week as Steffy continues to seep into this marriage. If Hope is the one being rushed to the hospital, it may be due to all the stress from Steffy and Liam's relationship.

Brooke Logan in a rage taking sides

For once, Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) will be dipping her nose into someone else's business besides meddling in Hope's life. She will get Hope to open up to her about her sadness over Steffy and Liam at one point in the future. With that said, Hope has bigger fish to fry. She will take Bill's side in this custody debacle and the Bold and the Beautiful spoilers point to her screaming at both Thorne and Ridge over this.

Bill somehow sways Brooke into going behind her husband's back and this doesn't sit well with Ridge when he finds out. Brooke will alienate Katie as well by not taking her side in this custody battle. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers promise a harrowing journey for the custody battle with Thorne pulling Katie's strings all the way. By doing so he is also egging Bill Spencer on.

Zoe wants Steffy's Gig?

Zoe Buckingham (Kiara Barnes) has taken a back seat lately to all the other hoopla on the soap. She did, however, poke her head out long enough to ask for the showstopper modeling gig. That spot will most likely go to Steffy who is modeling alongside the FC models for the lingerie show. Zoe was introduced in the Bold and the Beautiful spoilers a while back as "crazy."

The spoilers promised she would show her true psycho colors in the future.

Zoe wants the showstopper and Steffy more than likely will take that spot. Will Zoe have Steffy in her sights as her latest target?

No one knows just what Zoe is capable of yet. She was almost run out of town for cyberstalking Emma Barber (Nia Sioux). Her quick actions of stepping in for an injured model got her a full-time gig at FC. That is in spite of stalking Emma and Xander Avent ( Adain Bradley) when the incident happened. She is shifty and cunning, so there's no telling what she will do to be the star of Steffy's lingerie show.