"90 Day Fiancé Before the 90 Days" stars Darcey Silva and Jesse Meester really can make the sparks fly, but not when it comes to romance. A sneak preview of this week's episode hints at a breaking point for these two.

Toes are cold

A fight ensues when Darcey's toes get cold and she attempts to warm them by stepping on Jesse's shoes. The floor was too cold for her tootsies apparently but Jesse flew off the handle when Darcey didn't show respect for his $1,000 shoes.

It is amazing how these two "90 Day Fiancé" stars described this fight.

They put more emphasis on their expensive taste in footwear than on the fight itself. It wasn't a pair of everyday shoes in this battle. These two had to mention the cost and name brand of their flying footwear as well, according to People Magazine.

Most people would be mortified if shoes are thrown at them in a heated argument. Not Darcey and Jesse. The "90 Day Fiancé" stars took the time to make sure the fans knew these were some pretty expensive shoes flying around.

Darcey got mad at Jesse for accusing her of ruining his shoes and she threw her "[Christian] Louboutins" across the room. That's not how Jesse sees it, though. He felt he was the target.

Jesse Meester claims assault

Jesse claims the Louboutins were aimed at him.

Jesse shared that "it's an assault." He also used one of his pet phrases when describing his loved one, Darcey. "Absolutely madness," Jesse said into the camera.

Jesse was not done with Darcey after the indignity he suffered at her hands. He packed his bags and told her he's leaving her Connecticut home. But he also threatened to call the police.

He's talking as the camera follows him down the stairs with bags in tow. He lets the "90 Day Fiancé" audience know he's through.

Not safe around Darcey Silva

Jesse pipes up that he's not feeling safe around Darcey and asks: "What's next?

A glass?" He labels her paranoid. Then, Darcey claims that she's "tired of having to defend myself" and goes on to say how things get "misconstrued and over-dramatized." She then says: "Wow, what an a**."

It looks like Jesse may have taken his safety seriously and put an end to this relationship. While nothing official has been passed down from the folks at "90 Day Fiancé," the two have not mentioned each other on social media for a while.

Darcey's fighting mode

At the beginning of the year, the cops were called to Darcey Silva's house after a fight with her twin sister got physical. The headlines indicated that Darcey Silva was arrested for a "catfight" with her twin sister. Both she and her twin sister had to report to a court in Connecticut and the two luckily avoided charges of domestic violence, according to In Touch Weekly.

The reports from back then indicate that the fight between the two sisters got physical when Darcey allegedly started throwing things around their home. Sound familiar? Today Jesse is accusing Darcey of chucking her shoes at him.

Only a matter of time

As "90 Day Fiancé" fans watch Darcey and Jesse on the episodes that air on Sunday nights on TLC, they are watching things from the past. With that said, it looks like these two were not long for this world as a couple from the get-go.

After watching Jesse pack it up and threaten to call the police in this upcoming episode, fans will probably make their own assumptions that these two are history.