There are not too many people out there today, including Roseanne Barr herself, who are offering up their support for the comedian's racist tweet. There is also plenty of praise out there for ABC after their quick response to Barr's racist tweet by canceling the show just hours after Barr posted the inappropriate remark. The popular reboot has been booted from ABC and while it appears that there's no turning back for "Roseanne" when it comes to a place on ABC, there's buzz about another network today.

According to Pop Culture TV, the buzz about what is next for Barr started soon after ABC sent down the official word that the show "Roseanne" was no more.

The network has even removed all signs of the sitcom from their website. Fans have taken to social media sites with their suggestion that Fox should pick up the show.

Fox a better conservative fit?

The idea of Fox being a good fit for "Roseanne" most likely came from their past behavior, like taking in the homeless Tim Allen show, suggests Pop Culture. Fox revived the Tim Allen show "Last Man Standing" and Allen was considered an "outspoken conservative comedian." While that might be true, the reason the show was axed initially wasn't due to a racist tweet or comment.

Following in Tim Allen's footsteps

According to Pop Culture TV, the show's ratings were the reason behind the exit of "Last Man Standing" from ABC.

So what is Barr saying about the possibility of shifting the show over to the Fox network?

Barr answered one of the tweets that suggested Fox as the new home for "Roseanne." What Barr wrote in response seemed to put that idea to bed, however: "No, but thanks for your support." Both tweets can be seen below:

Twitter is saturated with fans asking for Barr to take her show to another network.

Even those bashing her about her tweet are asking for the show to go on. A Twitter search of "Roseanne Barr to another network" brings up plenty of requests from TV viewers to have the show moved to another network. Some people in the Twitter world are requesting a short suspension from ABC instead of doing away with the show altogether.

It looks like a definite 'no' from Roseanne

While Barr said "no" to her show moving to another network, one has to remember that her world just imploded and she's dealing with the aftermath of all of this. Her wounds are still raw today after not only losing her show, but also being the reason why everyone that worked on the show is out of work.

She was riding high on ABC with a top-rated show and one tweet, which was totally inappropriate, took that all away. This was a move that not only got her booted, but her behavior unintentionally took the cast down with her. This is a lot for one person to digest today.

Newsweek asks the question, "Will Fox Pickup Roseanne?" There's plenty of evidence on social media sites that fans would follow her to another network and watch her show as they did on ABC. With that said, there doesn't appear to be any networks knocking on her door at this time, or at least not any that are making their intentions public.

Too good to flush away

The question many are pondering today is: Will she eventually take this highly-rated show to another network once the dust settles? While Barr is the star, which is obvious considering the title of the show, it was about so much more than just her. The Celebrities who played the roles of her family members were part of this great package. These are the folks that deserve that chance, the people who had nothing to do with the tweet, but lost their jobs just the same.