MTV presented the season opener of the ever-dramatic “Teen Mom OG” reality show last night (Monday, May 7). What better way to launch the season than with child custody drama brought against star Jenelle Evans by ex-boyfriend Nathan Griffith? Nathan fathered Janelle’s son Kaiser. However, Jenelle has husband David Eason, who Nathan accuses of abusing Kaiser. He made quite a serious claim about David, who is already fraught with plenty of personality flaws if you ask show fans. Baby daddy number two, Nathan, alleges that David punched three-year-old Kaiser.

That is a rather strong assertion. If true, it is also rather disturbing. In Touch Weekly quoted Nathan as having assessed that David appears to have “violent tendencies.”

Grandmother acts on her belief of child abuse, seeks custody

It is evident from the episode that Nathan’s mother acted on the accusation. Doris Davidson attempted to file papers to obtain emergency custody of her grandson Kaiser. In court papers she did file, Doris contends that Kaiser had been abused and that she witnessed the results, such as bruises.

Her account paints a distressing image that Kaiser’s experience is disproportionate for his age and coming from an authority figure close to him.

Nathan’s mom didn’t stop there. She also asserted that both Jenelle and David are “unfit” to take care of Kaiser.

Both child’s grandmothers tell of abuse against Jenelle’s son

Not only does Jenelle have her ex’s mother making claims about David, she must also face the fact that her very own mother went against her.

Barbara Evans also contends that grandson Kaiser had visible, physical signs of abuse. Unlike Doris, however, Barbara alleged that Jenelle’s son Jace saw David lay into Kaiser for making boom-boom (or, more crudely stated, pooping) in his diaper.

Reality star claps back at ex and allegations against husband

Jenelle wholeheartedly disputes the accusations made against David.

She explained that her husband isn’t a child beater. He does play as if he is punching Kaiser in the face, though, according to In Touch Weekly.

Fans know very well that Jenelle and Barbara have not seen eye-to-eye on much of anything. When Jenelle assures that her mother took what she heard and blew it out of “proportion,” it is impossible to know who is telling the truth.

Does MTV have a responsibility to make sure that children are not being harmed?

OK! Reality TV in addition to In Touch have reported on the allegations leveled against David by Kaiser’s grandmothers. It is at this crossroad that the MTV production crew and staff bear responsibility to ensure that the children (featured within its branded franchise) are not being abused.

The claims should not be discredited, nor should it be assumed that such claims were made for TV.

Teen Mom 2” minus the in-fighting among cast members, break-ups and make-ups, co-parenting struggles, and child custody battles would be an entirely different show. Fans understand the back-and-forth between the young moms and dads appearing on the MTV franchise. The aspect that is difficult to digest is when children are affected by the drama that adults create.

While friction makes for good TV, it does not equate with quality parenting. At some point, adults will have to make peace and do what is truly best for their children, who will inevitably grow up one day and have full access to the internet -- and what has been noted about their parents and even their own lives. That is the reality.