kim zolciak Biermann was put off after Bravo broadcast footage of the former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” cast member venting in a bathroom. Andy Cohen, who hosted the Season 10 "RHOA" three-part reunion, Kroy Biermann, Kim’s husband, and former co-star Sheree Whitfield were in the restroom with Kim when she launched into her restroom rant.

She spoke with conviction. It appeared, that she was totally convinced that her views held merit and would have backing from Andy, Sheree, and her spouse. Uh, it didn’t quite pan out that way. Fans were appalled when the footage aired, showing her absolutely immersed in her skewed beliefs: “Racism wasn’t all that real.

No, she Well, yes, she did. Kim absolutely went there, to a place where thoughts were nestled uncomfortably in her mind. The words must have been dying to find liberation from her over-inflated lips. (Not knowing when to say “when” with the lip filler injections is pretty obvious.) The words flowed with the greatest of ease from her mouth and much to the shock of fans.

Not just a few people have found Kim’s words reprehensible but a massive number of people, actually too numerous and embroidered throughout social media platforms. From Twitter and Facebook to Instagram the consensus is: Bravo needs to part ways with the “Don’t be Tardy” star. Her bathroom scene was the tipping point and fans are hoping it will be a turning point for Bravo.

Bravo’s editing was not flawed but fair representation

Fans see the reunion and earlier “RHOA” episodes through a much different lens than does Kim and, evidently, her husband. Kroy posted a tweet to his Twitter account calling out Bravo for its editing of the bathroom talk.

The matter-of-fact manner in which Kim articulated her views on racism seemed to flow with ease from her mouth.

The words did not seem to be a careless slip of the tongue but ones that had much attention (and space) in her mind. Fans noticed that she was not batting a fake eyelash or having a “Whoops!” moment.

That Kim strikes many as racist should come as no surprise to her, to her family, to Bravo, or to anyone who has viewed “RHOA” over a stretch of time.

Season after season, alum and new cast mates have come and gone and, yet, there has been a constant: The refrain. Kim was told nicely, directly, strongly, and most affirmatively that her words are offensive to many and that she comes across to many people as racist:

Reality star told repeatedly, she comes across as racist

For some unknown reason, however, Kim has not heeded the cautionary words, the heads-up, the advice, the confrontations… Well, simply put she has either tuned out or refused to listen to various people essentially tell her: “You sound racist, Kim.”

Despite any wishful thinking Kim might harbor, cast members are not playing a race card or race-baiting. The backlash is not solely about any purported roach allegedly taped in NeNe Leake’s home (and a highly suspect roach it is, by the way, since there are many who have viewed the tape and question its DNA).

The problem is systemic throughout season after season of Kim’s participation in “RHOA.” Kim’s comments broadcast on April 22 from the last installment taped for the reunion show crystallized what many fans have noted: The well-wigged blonde one sounds racist.

Apology from star lacked sincerity

She seems close-minded or indifferent even after a number of people ranging from Derek J to NeNe Leakes have told her how others could see her as a racist. Those weren’t hints being dropped but they told her flat-out. She went to the reunion and the continuum persisted. Another round of thoughts made their way to words and, sure enough: She was seen as racist but, this time, it just had to be the editing of that 45-minute bathroom talk.


Right now, and following a disingenuous apology that Kim rendered through her publicist, Jack Ketsoyan, Kim reportedly returned to taping “Tardy.” Uh-huh. She resumed taping due to her contractual obligation, according to Radar Online.

There is a problem: Kim is a liability to Bravo’s brand. The “Housewives” is a franchise. Kim has proved too “Tardy" to listen, to learn, and to reflect on what many people around her have stated in the past. Now, she has fans telling her the same thing. She is racist. Fans will tune her out.