Kailyn Lowry claims she can't wait until she finally has surgery. It appears that the "Teen Mom 2" star has plans to have a breast reduction in the future, according to In Touch. Kailyn Lowry has no problem calling things as she sees it, whether it be about someone else's drama, or about her life in general. So it did not really shock her social media followers when Kail recently posted on Twitter that she couldn't wait to have breast reduction surgery, stating that her "t**s are just too big."

Sometimes bigger is not always better

In this day and age, it is rare that you really hear about too many celebrities having cosmetic surgery to make their body parts smaller.

In an era where big breasts and butts are more common than not among celebrities, it is a breath of fresh air. Kailyn Lowry has been on "Teen Mom 2" fans' minds this past week. As previously reported, there was an excessive amount of drama that took place last weekend in New York City during the reunion filming.

Reunion filming drama for 'Teen Mom 2' could cost some cast members their jobs

Details remain a bit blurry as they are coming out in bits and pieces from several different sources, so things are still up in the air. What we do know is that something physical went down between Kailyn Lowry and Briana DeJesus. Recent reports here at Blasting News reveal that tension has been high between the two cast members for a while now, and that they have been battling back and forth verbally quite a bit.

Obviously, the situation escalated during the filming and it is alleged that Briana DeJesus came on stage and attempted to go directly at Kailyn. Hair was pulled, and punches were thrown. However, security is said to have broken things up pretty quickly, but not before Briana DeJesus suffered a huge meltdown, screaming, kicking, and throwing things on stage.

It was a very upsetting situation and other cast members, including Chelsea Houska, have threatened to quit the show due to the excessive drama, and now, violence. Chelsea Houska was very upset, and in no way did she want to risk putting her unborn baby in danger with all the commotion that was happening around her. It was even reported that Houska refused to return to the set for the scheduled filming on Sunday.

As previously stated, details are still blurry and the full story has yet to come out. Perhaps MTV is saving all of those juicy tidbits for when the reunion actually airs.

What are your thoughts on all of the "Teen Mom 2" drama?