Things are already getting out of control in New York City at the taping of the "Teen Mom 2" reunion. It has been confirmed that violence has reared it's ugly head between Kailyn Lowry and Briana DeJesus. A report by The Ashleys Reality Roundup provided most of the details in this article.

Reunion mess

We knew drama was not going to be in short supply during the filming and there is a lot of bad blood between some of the "Teen Mom 2" moms. Kailyn Lowry all along has warned that hands could be thrown and she was not kidding according to The Ashley.

So here is what went down. The girl fight broke out earlier this afternoon (May 19) immediately after Kailyn and Briana stepped foot on stage together. It appears that all the moms, sans Jenelle Evans, were called to the stage.

Briana made her entrance after Kail and the others were already seated. However, she went directly to Lowery and jumped in her face. Kail jumped up and they started swinging on each other. Briana's sister, Britany, who was on set, reportedly ran on stage to get in on the action.

Kailyn was more than ready to take on Briana and urged her to "bring it on." It appears that things had begun to escalate backstage with Lowery and DeJesus engaging in verbal combat. At this time, it has not been officially confirmed if any of the punches thrown did any harm to either woman.

There was a lot of hair pulled according to The Ashley's source.

Time to scatter

Everyone else, including Dr. Drew, scattered as soon as the brawl began. It has been revealed that Chelsea was visibly shaken up by the catfight. After all, she is currently pregnant and was terrified that she could have been injured during the madness.

This news should not come as a shock to "Teen Mom 2" news followers because Kailyn Lowry and Briana DeJesus have been exchanging nasty words and threats for quite some time now over Javi Marroquin.

Jenelle Evans, who opted to stay home, laughed the incident off on Twitter.

However, it also may have been a huge relief to her, because Kail had also warned that "hands could be thrown" Jenelle's direction also if she started with her on stage.

Whew, Jenelle might have just dodged a huge one this time! Thankfully security quickly separated the two women before too much damage could happen. But who is to say another fight won't break out later. It is, after all, only Day 1of taping. The drama is building so much around all this "Teen Mom 2' fighting that even "Teen Mom OG" star Amber Portwood couldn't resist tweeting about the problems the show is allegedly facing.

Following this juicy tidbit of news being released, MTV can count on the "Teen Mom 2" reunion ratings being through the roof this season! What are your thoughts on this news?