In this week's "Fear the Walking Dead," John Dorie (Garret Dillahunt) and Morgan (Lennie James) are searching for Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) and the others. They want to convince them of a different way of living than killing and revenge.

Strand's past revealed

Strand (Colman Domingo) keeps asking Madison (Kim Dickens) why she saved him in that flood. Madison brought him back to a cave along with Alicia, and she waited for him to heal enough to walk. He didn't comprehend why she would do that after what he did. Madison tells Strand the reason she nursed him back to health was because "I know who you are." Strand doesn't see himself as a good person, but when it comes to Madison and her kids, he becomes a different man.

He might see himself in a new light, because he knows that Madison believes in him. He's a lot more heroic and good than he thinks he is.

Naomi: FEMA supplies

Naomi (Jenna Elfman) says she's going to find food at a FEMA place where she used to live. Madison says no one should be going alone out there, so she and Strand go with Naomi. They make a rest stop at a hotel for the night. Naomi reveals that she was leaving the stadium. She was going to leave the map at the gate, so they would be able to obtain food and supplies.

Naomi leaves Strand and Madison at the hotel to get the supplies herself.

She finds the key to the supply vehicle, but when she sees a kid's drawing on the wall, she falls apart. Her heartbreak implies that the drawing belonged to her kid.

Strand's confession

Madison kept going on about how they can all put the past behind them. Strand finally admits to Madison that he had a vehicle full of supplies, ready to leave the group at the stadium.

He tried to take the easy way out, but he didn't go through with it. He wants to be good, and that's what makes him different from the man he used to be.

Naomi's traumatic past

When Naomi tries to get out of FEMA, she’s overrun by zombies at every turn.

She recognizes these people, so she’s too emotional to pull the trigger on them. She can’t seem to kill any of them so she climbs up and cries, overcome with guilt.

Strand says he can get to her. He displays a moment of bravery when he climbs in after her to save Naomi, because the place is full of zombies. He comes up with a plan to get her over to the safe side by having her climb over on a rope he holds while she climbs over.

After Naomi is safe, she reveals that she lived there with her daughter, Rose. Rose was sick with pneumonia when they were staying there.

She hid her daughter and went out for three days to find some medicine. By the time she got back, everyone was dead because her daughter turned on that first night. Naomi's guilt is evident in her tearful confession.

Strand is optimistic

Strand comes back with the truck full of food and supplies with Naomi and Madison. Cole (Sebastian Sozzi) tells Strand he's surprised Strand came through with it. Strand seems surprised by his actions too. He admits that Madison knows him more than he knows himself. He tells Cole that he might have been hasty in showing him his true self. Strand is trying to be someone better than he used to be.

Cole looks at him as though he may not be such a bad guy after all.

John Dorie protects Laura

After Naomi/Laura steps out of her car, implying that she's one of the Vultures, Alicia is overcome by the same anger that Nick (Frank Dillane) showed Ennis (Evan Gamble) before Nick killed him. There's some history we are missing that makes it hard to sympathize with Alicia's actions.

Alicia yells "No!" and takes a wide, emotional shot. John Dorie protects the woman he loves, so he ends up with a bullet in his chest. The great news is he isn't dead. According to Entertainment Weekly, Ian Goldberg stated, “John Dorie is not dead.

At least not in that moment.” It feels like the perfect moment for Naomi to use her nursing skills to save Dorie. Naomi has patched up some people, but nothing life-threatening. Viewers hope she can save him, because Dorie and Naomi need to have a better reunion than a few seconds.

However, Alicia isn't the type to kill for no reason. Naomi had to have done something that would make Alicia so upset. Naomi could have done something to Alicia's mother since we haven't seen her in the present timeline.