"Teen Mom 2" drama is getting completely out of control, and Chelsea Houska has had enough according to Us Magazine reports. It appears that Jenelle Evans is not the only "Teen Mom 2" cast member to bail on taping the reunion show due to the drama unfolding among cast members.

Kailyn Lowry keeps word 'throws hands' at Briana DeJesus

As previously reported, during Saturday's filming of the reunion cast members Kailyn Lowry and Brianna DeJesus engaged in a violent encounter on stage. Tension has been rising between Kailyn Lowry and Brianna DeJesus for several weeks, and Kailyn warned that "hands could be thrown" between herself and Briana DeJesus.

Kail also issued a similar warning to cast member Jenelle Evans.

'Teen Mom 2' cast members are their egos getting too big

Jenelle opted to skip the live taping over the weekend, however, she did agree to participate by taping her segment from her home. During Saturday's filming, the cast members were called out to the stage with Briana DeJesus being the last one out.

Instead of taking her seat Briana immediately made a beeline straight to Kailyn getting directly in her face. Kailyn Lowry quickly jumped up, and the two began screaming and throwing punches at each other. It was like a scene straight from the Jerry Springer show and security with security being forced to rush the stage and break up the two brawling moms.

Fast forward to Sunday's taping and the MTV producers found themselves down one more mom. Chelsea Houska was reportedly so upset by the fight that had previously taken place that she refused to film on Sunday.

The Ashley reported that pregnant Houska refused to return to the set for fear another such encounter would occur once again putting herself and her unborn daughter at risk for injury.

It appears that Lowry and DeJesus have a lot of bad blood between them especially over Kail's ex Javi Marroquin, who also dated DeJesus for a short period of time.

As you can well imagine as soon as the news of the "Teen Mom 2" stage brawl began making the rounds on the social media Jenelle Evans took to Twitter to voice their thoughts on the situation.

Kailyn Lowry also responded to the social media rumor mill, which claimed that she was beaten up by DeJesus. Speaking of rumors, it has also been revealed that the "Teen Mom 2" series has lost critical funding and is at risk of cancellation due to all the negative drama that has been going down.

Things have been real messy concerning the Jenelle Evans and David Eason issues. Now with the growing animosity between Kailyn Lowry and Briana DeJesus, MTV may be forced to make some difficult decisions as far as casting is concerned if they want to avoid cancellation.

Cast members Leah Messer, Chelsea Houska and Kailyn Lowry, have already allegedly threatened to quit the show because of Jenelle Evans drama, however, after this weekend antics it could be the show may quit them.

What are your thoughts on all the "Teen Mom 2" drama going down between the cast, and how should MTV handle the issues?