It seems that the fans of "Roseanne" are not that easily dismissive of the show that brings a ton of great talent into their living rooms each week via the TV. While people are outraged over Roseanne Barr's racist tweet and many do agree that Roseanne's career should suffer because of it, folks are not on board with the rest of the cast taking the fall as well. It appears there is a big push for a "Roseanne" without Roseanne and the scenarios suggested are extremely interesting.

Who says Barr has to be in the show about the Conner family? Besides lending her name to the title, her comedy is played off of several other strong personalities on the show, like her sister Jackie played by Laurie Metcalf.

Sara Gilbert is a show of her own with her dry and hysterical sense of humor. Social media sites are bubbling over with ideas regarding how to keep the show alive and well without the top-billed star.

How about a show called 'Dan'?

Instead of "Roseanne," why not just "Dan," suggested Jimmy Kimmel on his late-night show. As CNN Entertainment suggests, it wouldn't be the first time "Roseanne" has killed off a major cast member. Dan already died and was resurrected for the sake of the show's reboot. Since everyone loves Jackie, there is a push on social media to give "Jackie" the title billing of the show. That tweeted campaign can be seen below:

Three cheers for a show named 'Jackie'

The idea of the "Roseanne" going on without Roseanne Barr has taken on a life of its own on social media.

There are tons of ideas shared about how to do away with Roseanne for the storyline of life without her in the Conner residence. She doesn't have to meet her maker, she could actually just fly the coup for a variety of reasons.

Too soon to talk about it, but it wasn't a 'no'

According to CNN, when a "well-placed source" was asked about the possibility of "Roseanne" without Roseanne, they didn't shut the door on the question.

CNN was told it's just "too soon" to talk about a sitcom centered around the Conner family members without Barr's character.

If the Conners should come back with a show without the matriarch, that decision will come from the production company currently in control of the show, Casey-Werner. They hold the ownership rights of the show and they can license it to a network, according to CNN.

In this case, it was ABC who was licensed to air the sitcom. They will have the biggest say when it comes to what happens next with the Conner family.

Roseanne's demise a death or departure?

The production company won't have to look very far for some ideas on how this could work. The armchair show creators are bubbling up on social media with lots of good plots for a Conner family show.

According to the experts, any future for this show probably won't include its namesake. ABC has a big hole to fill on Tuesday nights with the booting of "Roseanne." According to ABC News, they are still in discussions regarding what show will take the time slot vacated by the very popular "Roseanne."

Probably not 'Roseanne' again, but maybe the Conners?

It looks as though there won't be a "Roseanne" without Roseanne, but there could be a show with a new title centered around the rest of the Conner brood.

The show might have the matriarch gone via a storyline to describe her demise. They can name it "Dan," "Jackie," or "Conner Family." Whatever title they choose, if they do bring the family back, there will be a lot of fans clamoring to tune in.

This show killed Dan off and brought him back, and then rose to the top of the ratings, so anything is possible.