Tonight at the end of "Chicago Fire" they left the viewers with a huge cliffhanger. This show is known for doing that often. "Chicago Fire" has already been renewed for another season, so the show is coming back, but it could be without Dawson. This show the last few seasons have been very focused on Casey and Dawson, so the idea of this show going on without them is a bit surprising. This couple seems to be a lot of the reason some fans watch the show.

What went down tonight?

Tonight on "Chicago Fire" they had a shocking two-hour season finale.

There was a huge fight between Dawson and Casey, which left her ready to leave to go to Puerto Rico. This was all about if they should have children of their own or end up adopting instead. At the very end of the episode, she talked to Chief Hatcher about going there to help support relief efforts. Of course, it doesn't sound like Casey would want to go, so this would split up that couple by her leaving him behind.

Casey and Dawson have been through so much over the last few years, but they have been able to work through it all. Fans would be shocked if this was the end of this couple. It would be hard to imagine either one of them dating someone else on the show, but it could end up going there for Casey if Gabby is gone.

Monica's contract for next season

As of right now, the show "Chicago Fire" has been renewed along with "Chicago Med" and "Chicago PD." The show will be back in the fall of 2018. Jesse Spencer and Taylor Kinney have both signed one-year contracts. That will keep them around for another season of the show. This means that fans will get their eye candy with Casey and Kelly, so that is a huge bonus.

The thing is Monica Raymund had not been offered a new contract at all. Since she hasn't signed a contract, that does mean that it is possible that Dawson is going to leave the show and move on. They could still figure out a contract for her, but maybe "Chicago Fire" doesn't even know what they are going to end up doing. Now there is a lot of speculation that she might not return next year.

Everyone is going to just have to wait and see how it all plays out.

Do you think that Dawson will really not return? Don't miss "Chicago Fire" in the fall when it returns with new episodes. Until then the fans are just going to have to wait and hopefully spoilers about her contract will be revealed. It is going to be a long wait to see how it all plays out, but viewers are used to this seeing that the show does it almost every season.