After the premiere of the upcoming movie programmed to be released in December this year, there is a big chance for the anime to have its continuation. If so, fans will surely have the introduction of new characters to the franchise, including more warriors from planet Vegita (from the sixth or seventh Universes). But why am I so sure about this? The answer to this question is a tweet from Toyotaro (the manga developer). But before I speak about the tweet I would like to remark that “Super” is the canonic continuation to the “Z” saga of “Dragon Ball,” which ended after the defeat of Majin Buu.

Returning to the subject, in Toyotaro’s official Twitter profile there appeared an image of a mysterious Saiyan. At first glance, it would seem that this new character has features that are not typical of an inhabitant of the long-gone planet Vegita. The character has no name yet, but Toyotaro specified where does he come from. His looks are quite unusual compared to the other Saiyan warriors that appeared in the past. Under the tweet, fans saw many illustrations and descriptions give by Toyotaro himself.

Toyotaro’s news regarding the mysterious new Saiyan

Nobody is yet unsure whether this new character will appear in the upcoming movie, or in the continuation of the anime. Regarding the illustration, Toyotaro explained that he had found the strange design while he was putting some order to his image gallery.

The author admitted that he did not remember the design, but he also noted that it is incomplete since it lacks certain accessories. The design certainly presents the classical menacing looks of the race, but his hair is quite different from what the Saiyans has us used to.

But who is this strange character?

The truth is that not even Toyotaro remembers who this character was supposed to be, nor how he designed it.

Chances are that it is no more than a scrap illustration, a project that surely ended up to be one of the actual characters. Yet this doesn’t mean that the illustration has lost its usefulness. Maybe, in the near future, this image could lead to a new possible character for the “Super” saga. So far, Toyotaro is focusing on ending the “Tournament of Power” saga in the manga, which has already concluded in the anime.

Dragon Ball Super” is scheduled to hit the theaters in Japan on December 14, 2018. There are speculations on a simultaneous global release date but this is yet to be officially confirmed.