"Rick and Morty" shattered expectations when its third season became the most highly-rated show on the Adult Swim Network. Adult Swim ordering 70 new episodes is a testament to how successful "Rick and Morty" is. The loyal fan base has been around since Season 1 and continues to support the show through video games, social media, retail, and more. Even though it always seemed "Rick and Morty" had a future, the wait for any news about a new season was enough to make fans anxious. After a long build-up, "Rick and Morty" co-creator Justin Roiland announced the show’s 70-episode renewal on Thursday (May 10) via Twitter.

Renewal time

Co-creator Dan Harmon celebrated the renewal in a hilariously different way. He joined Justin Roiland in a shower for a skit on Instagram. In the skit, Roiland tells Harmon "I have to get back to work. We both do."

Why hasn’t Season 4 come earlier?

"Rick and Morty" wouldn’t be the same without large gaps of time in between seasons. Season 4’s lack of a release date was the source of speculation that the show won’t be making a return for season 4 for at least one year. In March, co-creator Justin Roiland revealed on Twitter that the production of "Rick and Morty" Season 4 was held up by contract negotiations.

News of the renewal broke on Thursday, only seven months after the finale episode of Season 3 in October. The legal contract problems between the "Rick and Morty" creative team and Adult Swim have finally been resolved, and Season 4 is due to arrive in the near future.

There is still no release date for Season 4

Co-creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon have made a habit of teasing the fans without mentioning a release date.

Their goal in the past was to give the fans hope that more episodes are coming in the future, but the staff never knew how long it was going to take to create quality content. Not only is the show difficult to write and animate, there were contracts with Adult Swim that had to be negotiated before Season 4.

Production is time-consuming for the creative staff, and the gaps between seasons are long enough to make fans uneasy.

Despite the renewal, we could still end up waiting for months before Season 4 starts. On the bright side, the 70-episode renewal means that fans won’t have to wait for the announcement of a new season after Season 4 airs on Adult Swim. Every "Rick and Morty" season so far has delivered 10 episodes, so it's likely that the show will have 10 seasons by the time the deal is completed.