After Bryan Craig left his role of Morgan Corinthos on "General Hospital," he ended up landing a role in the show "Valor." It turns out that this didn't work out for him because two days ago it was revealed that the CW canceled this show before it even got going really. It only had one season. This leaves Bryan Craig looking for work. Bryan was supposed to be in the recurring role of Adam Coogan. He seemed ready to move on from the soap opera world when he left "GH."

"Valor" gets the axe

It turns out that the ratings for "Valor" were not good enough to get it renewed.

This news just came out, but some of the stars of the show had already moved on and picked up other jobs, so they must have known it was coming. The CW canceled this show and also "Life Sentence" with Lucy Hale. There have been 11 shows that were picked back up, though.

A lot of networks are upsetting fans by canceling their favorite shows. Fan favorite "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" was canceled as well. Of course, new shows will come to replace them and maybe Bryan Craig will land on one of those eventually.

Will he return to "General Hospital"?

They have never found Morgan Corinthos body and this leaves everyone wondering if he is still alive or not. Carly is pretty convinced that he could return the same way that Jason did.

Right now, they are really focusing on this storyline and it has the fans thinking that Morgan could come back. Carly is going to end up going a bit crazy and there is a chance that she will find Morgan, but you never know.

Morgan was in a really bad wreck, so if they bring this character back it doesn't have to be Bryan Craig playing him.

They could do something where they say that his looks have changed or just a simple recast like they have done with so many characters over the years. Someone else could end up playing the role, but most fans really don't seem to believe that Morgan is dead and never coming back.

Bryan Craig does have another job already, though.

He is going to be playing Javi in Eva Longoria's "Grand Hotel." At this time, it hasn't been revealed how big of a role that will be, though. He could have time to do both. Bryan has made it clear that he isn't done acting at all, but it just looks like he was ready to mix things up and try something new.

Do you think that Bryan Craig could ever return? Don't miss new episodes of "General Hospital" weekdays on ABC. Hopefully, spoilers will come out soon about if Morgan will return for sure or not.