"General Hospital" spoilers promise that Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) thinks she's on the cusp of destroying Nelle Benson (Daytime Emmy winner Chloe Lanier), but boy is she wrong. In fact, Carly has more than met her match. The latest "GH" spoilers plus juicy info from a leaked script show that Carly's about to find herself hung out to dry. Carly has been so intent on being nasty to Nelle's face at every turn that she doesn't see the sneak attack coming from the side. Naughty Nelle is about to take Carly down and it all starts Thursday at the baby shower!

Misleading 'GH' spoilers promo

The brand new "General Hospital" spoilers video sure makes it look like Carly has a nasty surprise for Nelle set to blow up at the baby shower. But the thing is, Nelle knows Carly showed up to the Q mansion playing nice specifically to set her up. Don't forget, "GH" fans, that Nelle has memorized Carly's playbook and she knows how her nemesis operates. When Carly came to offer designer macaroons and flowers for the big day, recast Monica Quartermaine (Patty McCormack) and Nelle knew that Carly was being insincere.

Carly kept making veiled references to giving Nelle a "memorable occasion" and the spoilers video (see below) shows Nelle opening Carly's gift and looking stunned and hurt.

Carly is smirking and that's a sure sign someone's about to be upset. This baby shower nastiness ties into Monday's "General Hospital" episode when Nelle was busily crocheting a blanket at Ava Jerome's (Maura West) penthouse. Nelle said, "this blanket is special" and it has to be done by the party. This ties into Nelle's plan to flip the script on Carly.

Carly's off her game, and Nelle is set to win

"General Hospital" spoilers promise that Carly is spread too thin and off her game and that sets Nelle up for the win. Carly is busy snarking at Griffin Munro (Matt Cohen) over Ava getting joint custody of her own kid.

Plus, there's the gaslighting scam and Dr. Collins (Jon Lindstrom) has Carly on meds that Nelle soon swaps for something more dangerous. Nelle has Carly running in circles and while distracted, Nelle is moving in for the kill. The thing is, Nelle has to take down Carly without alienating everyone else.

New "GH" spoilers say that baby blanket, baby shower, and little Avery come together as Nelle delivers the coup de grace this Thursday at the shower. Nelle blackmailed Ava with the photo of the DNA test and told her she had to come to her shower and had to bring along little Avery. The latest "General Hospital" rumor says that Nelle will tamper with the package Carly brought, toss out the nasty surprise Carly planned, and substitute the blanket.

But why?

It looks like Carly hurt Avery

If you recall "General Hosptial" spoilers from recent episodes, both Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell) and Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) have been telling Carly to chill out on Nelle, but Carly's increasingly aggressive behavior due to the Gaslighting -- and the meds she really doesn't need -- have them on edge. When Nelle opens the gift, rumor has it that inside (whether it's the blanket or something else) is something that will cause an allergic reaction in little Avery when she touches it.

It could be that Avery has the same latex allergy that Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna) and son Rocco have -- or it could be something else.

It won't be enough to hurt Avery, but it turns out Nelle has the same allergy. It will look like Carly was trying to hurt Nelle (and also her unborn child) with a foul piece of sabotage. Then, it will harm Avery (but just a little). Nelle won't let it go too far, but just enough to make a scene at the party so that everyone thinks Carly was trying to injure Nelle and her baby -- which also hurt her step-daughter Avery!

Leaked script shows Carly locked up

"General Hospital" spoilers from a script leaked on Twitter by an anonymous tipster that goes by the name Twynk16 show that Carly is soon locked up in an asylum -- due to this stunt and what follows.

The character in the leaked script has the name "Jacqueline" but prefers to be called "Jackie" which sounds an awful lot like "Caroline" and "Carly." In the script, Carly is locked away for her misdeeds and she struggles as some nasty people at the mental hospital target her for abuse.

When Sonny hears that Avery was hurt in a stunt at the baby shower, he blames Carly because he's already angry that he lost full custody of his daughter. Sonny thinks Carly's erratic behavior let Ava back into Avery's life and now this. So when things worsen, Sonny may not fight when Carly is sent away. In fact, he may think a time-out in a mental hospital is just what she needs. We'll find out more soon but be sure to watch "GH" this Thursday to see Nelle turn everything around on Carly and set her up in monstrous fashion! Check back soon for more "General Hospital" spoilers.