''The Walking Dead'' is one of that shows that's become part of the present day culture. It's been a long journey for the show launched back in 2010, but every new season means that some new violent deaths could be waiting around the corner. Season 8 unfolded mostly under Carl's death and the emotional burden it brought into the narrative.

Starting with Rick Grimes(Andrew Lincoln) and Michonne(Danai Gurira) and finishing with Negan(Jeffrey Morgan Dean), Carl's death was a turning point for the post-apocalyptic TV show. It also opened the door for other major character life possibly in danger.

Season 9 should also provide us with some future directions the show might take now that the villain's spot seems vacant.

Who is expendable and who is not

''The Walking Dead'' is one of the AMC's foundations when it comes to long-term success. A TV show of this magnitude also comes with a complex story and a narrative with a massive spreading pattern.

Now, ''The Walking Dead'' has several distinct categories when the debate lands in character labeling. Some of the pawns will disappear after a season or two while others will stick around, sometimes maybe just too long.

There's also a short number of names out of reach. Rick Grimes is perhaps the most intangible character in the show. Others instead have gradually lost their status and their future might be in jeopardy.

One character that's been around since the beginning is Daryl Dixon(Norman Reedus). He used to be Rick's closest ally and friend but he gradually stepped into a secondary category while others ascended.

Morgan(Lennie James) is another name whose future is unclear at the moment, And his latest decision to split up from the group again might point into his elimination from the show.

Both Morgan and Daryl served Rick's purpose for so long but now there's a change of alliances.

Daryl seems to be willing to step into Maggie's side along with Jesus, another character with an irregular path in the plot.

What to expect from Season 9

With season 8 done and dusted a lot of questions are still lying around waiting for a proper answer.

It's unclear what villain with emerge and whether or not the group will manage to survive its inner struggle. One thing is for sure, though, as Maggie(Lauren Cohan) seems determined to do everything in order to get her revenge over Negan even though that means hurting Rick in the process.

Moreover, some are wondering if a structural change can be possible as the show has witnessed a wave of criticism of a certain narrative recurrence. Hopefully, we'll find some answer when season 9 will hit the airwaves.