General Hospital” spoilers tease that the conundrum box that Jason Morgan (Steve Burton), Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco), and Damian Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) found in Switzerland contains an explosive secret that will blow up several lives. One of those at risk is Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) whose fatherly role in the life of Peter August/Henrik Faison (Wes Ramsey) is about to be exposed.

Jason baits the hook

“GH” spoilers from She Knows Soaps promise that the pursuit of Henrik reaches fever pitch soon because Stone Cold plans to use Henrik’s mystery mom as bait to draw him out.

Of course, Jason has no idea it’s Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) that’s the mother in question. Anna came clean to Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers) and tried to confess to Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton).

This week, when Jason tells Anna about his plan to use the mom to lure elusive Henrik out into the open, Anna is torn. Thursday, May 3, “General Hospital” spoilers say that Anna surprises Jason and it could be with the truth she’s been keeping from him. The Henrik reveal is set for May sweeps, according to the latest soap magazines, but there’s also that mystery box lurking.

Valentin can’t resist

New soap spoilers show that Robert is certain that Valentin took Anna’s baby and handed the kid to Cesar Faison (Anders Hove).

Now Anna believes it and it won’t be long before she confronts Valentin. She and Jason will put the conundrum box in front of the only Cassadine it could be meant for, and Valentin won’t be able to resist seeing what’s inside. But it’s a trap!

“General Hospital” spoilers show that Valentin has guilt surrounding his relationship with Peter/Henrik but he also loves him like a son.

Yes, Robert is right. Valentin handed the kid over to Faison, but later came to regret letting his hatred of Anna affect a child’s life. The truth of what happened next is locked in the conundrum box and when Valentin opens it, he might not survive.

Peter's 'real' father revealed

Biologically, Henrik’s dad is Faison. However, the person he looks to as his “true” father is rumored to be Valentin.

Once Valentin realized he’d handed Anna’s son to a monster, he was stricken with remorse and spoilers tease that he made it his mission to be the one constant in Henrik’s life and was his mentor and substitute father that advised and protected Peter throughout his tragic upbringing.

So, what’s inside the box? The latest “General Hospital” rumors tease that it’s a deathtrap left by Faison to punish Valentin for keeping secrets from him. Before Faison died, it looks like he found out that Anna is Henrik’s mom and Valentin kept the secret from him. Faison also discovered that Valentin was playing “dad” on the side to his son. Faison feels like Valentin cheated him by keeping Anna’s baby secret.

Faison’s final revenge

These “General Hospital” spoilers tease that Valentin won’t resist temptation. He opens the box, sees that Faison knew the truth, and falls prey to something deadly. Maybe it’s poison or a virus. Whatever it is, it’s Faison’s revenge and punishment from beyond the grave to hit back at Valentin for “cheating” Faison out of knowing that Anna was Henrik’s mother.

“GH” spoilers for May sweeps promise the “Peter is Henrik” secret is out and leaves Nina Clay (Michelle Stafford), Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) and many others shocked. They will be furious with Valentin, but his life or death dilemma should redeem him in their eyes. Valentin made a mistake handing Henrik to Faison, then regretted it, and tried to make it right.

Peter’s mad too

Now, he may pay for his mistake with his life. Valentin could lose everything – Nina, his health, and his relationship with Peter. Because don’t forget, Peter will also be mad with his pseudo-dad Valentin once he finds out Valentin knew all along who his mother was and kept the secret from him. There will be some painful family reunions this month, and Valentin must pay the price for keeping secrets.

What do you think? Is the conundrum box Faison’s final revenge? Will Valentin survive? Check back for more “General Hospital” spoilers and news.