"General Hospital" spoilers promise more twists and turns ahead in the tale of Nelle Benson (Chloe Lanier) gaslighting Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright). Spoilers for next week from Soap Central say that Ava Jerome (Maura West) is happily enjoying her time with Avery Corinthos (Scarola twins) but her helping Nelle is about to come back to bite her and put her newfound joy at risk. Ava doesn't know it yet, but she's about to become a sacrificial lamb in Nelle's twisted game.

Nelle betrays Ava next week

"GH" spoilers for next week say that Nelle lets Ava know the extent of her awful plans for Carly and Ava warns her she's going too far.

But rather than backing down, Nelle doubles down. This week's soap magazine spoilers say that Nelle sets up Ava and there's a big dust-up at Nelle's baby shower. Ava realizes Nelle used invisible ink to torment Carly and confronts Nelle. But Nelle won't be swayed and threatens to tell Griffin Munro (Matt Cohen) that Ava peeked at the DNA results.

Nelle also decides, according to "General Hospital" spoilers, that Ava could cause problems for her, so she decides to paint Ava as Carly's tormentor to kill two birds with one stone. That means Nelle will seem like she has clean hands even though she's the mastermind. Things boil over at Nelle's baby shower. "GH" fans noticed that Carly is popping mental meds prescribed by Kevin Collins (Jon Lindstrom).

That's key to Nelle's next move to push Carly over the edge and implicate Ava.

Carly drugged at baby shower!

Nelle soon spots Carly popping the pills and realizes that's her next big move.

"General Hospital" spoilers promise that Nelle swaps Carly's meds with something really bad. She doesn't use placebos like Ava did with Morgan Corinthos (Bryan Craig). Instead, Nelle uses some strong hallucinogens so that Carly turns into a raving lunatic right in the middle of the baby shower. Not only does this make Carly look crazier than ever, but it sets up Ava as the culprit.

As soon as Carly realizes her meds have been tampered with, "GH" spoilers say she immediately suspects Ava. And up until recently, Ava had a motive. At the PCPD jail, when little Avery referred to Carly as "Mommy" Ava looked murderous. Carly assumes Ava is targeting her because she's raising Ava's daughter. Plus, since Ava swapped Morgan's meds and drove him to his death, it will look like Ava is up to her old tricks again. Ava seems like the guilty party but Ava will know Nelle is setting her up.

Ava turns the tables

"GH" spoilers say that Nelle may think she's clever, but she's got nothing on Ava when the former Jerome mob mama is on top of her game.

Being with Griffin has made Ava soft, but when Griffin hears about Carly's drugging, he assumes the worst. He knows how desperate Ava was to get custody of Avery. But the thing is, Ava has joint custody, so no real reason to target Carly. Still, everyone thinks she's guilty. That means Ava has to prove her innocence. That means taking down Nelle.

Lucky for Carly, a vengeful Ava is out to get Nelle and she'll wind up saving Carly. Nelle has a wicked endgame planned for Carly. She wants to make sure Michael's mama can never take away her baby. Maybe Nelle wants Carly in the nuthouse - or maybe she wants her in the morgue. Either way, Nelle's attack on Carly is vicious and potentially deadly. Spoilers say that Ava winds up saving Carly's life - and that's when Carly realizes is was Nelle all along that was targeting her.

Nelle taken down for good!

This is a real turning point for Ava, Carly, and Sonny. Nothing can make up for the role that Ava played in Morgan's death, but it will enable them all to move forward together in some semblance of peace. Nelle is another story. Once Carly and Ava realize Nelle tried to ruin them both, that schemer will be done. With Carly and Ava working together, Nelle doesn't stand a chance.

Nelle's going to wind up in jail, Shadybrooke, or the morgue! Chloe Lanier deserved her Daytime Emmy for making Nelle the most hated woman in Port Charles. Check back often for more "General Hospital" spoilers and news.