Many faithful “When Calls the Heart” fans are still reeling from the heart-wrenching finale to Season 5, which confirmed that valiant and heroic Mountie, Jack Thornton, portrayed by Australian actor, Daniel Lissing, did indeed sacrifice his life in a landslide to save two of his men. What was to be a safe training assignment turned tragic, leaving new bride, Elizabeth, brought to life by actress Erin Kraków since the series debut in 2014, already a widow.

Any tragic end, for a favorite character, is a very hard pill to swallow for any fan, but as Daniel Lissing, Erin Kraków, and Lori Loughlin explained in unison after the final episode, there is nothing but love and support between the costars.

As difficult as it was for the stars themselves to see the ending, both Loughlin and Krakow send off Lissing with highest hopes and deepest respect for what is to come in his future. Daniel Lissing’s vote was that both ladies deserved an Emmy, and he gushed that Erin’s riveting performance from glowing newlywed to the depths of grief was “amazing.”

As for “When Calls the Heart” executive producer, Brian Bird, and Erin Krakow, are both filled with excitement about the present and the future on the family-friendly series, and it's certain that love, faith, and the bonds that keep Hope Valley a family will be there for Elizabeth Thornton and her baby.

Birthdays in plaid and baby planning

Erin Krakow is known for never letting the birthday of any of her costars slip by without notice, and she made sure that Kavan Smith, who portrays “When Calls the Heart”’s leading businessman, Leland Coulter, didn't get ignored, either.

The Philadelphia-born actress lovingly praised that her Canadian cast mate can “rock a plaid suit better than Cher Horowitz,” noting that her compliment translates as “high praise.” She further calls Smith, one of her “favorite actors, chefs, and friends,” adding a charming glimpse of the two together from the show, both beaming with smiles.

Speaking of chefs, cooking is one area where Elizabeth Thornton will surely need assistance from Lee, his gourmet cook and theater actress wife, Rosemary, played beautifully by Pascale Hutton, and of course, her closest friend, café owner, and Mayor, Abigail, portrayed by Loughlin. Fans will recall fondly the hurdles of outhouses, laundry, and adjusting to the community that was Coal Valley when the young teacher arrived.

She unintentionally set fire to her teacher’s cabin trying to dry out her wet dress by the fire while something was on the stove. Abigail opened her home, and hearts were forged together forever between the friends.

Just as Elizabeth was determined to stay, teach, and become part of the community, holding to faith and her conviction that “I'm a Thatcher,” her character is sure to find loving support from all corners in her new role as mother, and that includes preparing all those baby bottles and suitable infant food.

Is another red serge coming?

Brian Bird is fully involved with the throngs of “When Calls the Heart” fans on social media, and he has no doubt seen that there is a flurry of activity happening, with followers’ designing baby showers built around the period on the Canadian frontier.

As reported in the International Business Times on May 7, Burt is aware that some fans remain in heartbreak, while others are ready for bright horizons for Elizabeth on the show.

Some comments reflect that the coming Season 6 should not dwell on Jack's death, but focus on the new life and the future for Elizabeth. Jack admonished his wife to “open your heart to love again” in the letter he left for her. When one fan projected that “maybe a new red serge will ride into town,” Byrd was ready with a reply.

“We are already ordering the red serge,” responded the producer. He insists that the first order of business is to get Season 6 a surety. The new season is set to premiere in January 2019, and hopes are high for more seasons once the Hallmark Channel commits.

No one knows if the new love for Elizabeth will don a red uniform or not, but she has the faith and strength to be led to the right man.

The Janette Oke book series on which the drama is based contains prevailing themes of faith, Providence, and overcoming, much like the author’s timeless “Love Comes Softly” series, which also came to television. The theme of faith will become more prominent in Season 6 as the community will find a new pastor.

Divine futures are destined for Elizabeth, Hope Valley, and “When Calls the Heart.