Many fans of the Duggar Family sisters, Jill, Jinger, Jessa, and Joy-Anna, feel protective of the women, who are all young mothers. They often pour through social media posts and photos, wanting to keep up with the most recent happenings, as well as feel assured the women are being treated right by their husbands. A report by Hollywood Gossip provided a lot of the information used in this article.

The concern fans feel often stems from knowing that the Duggar women led sheltered lives, governed by their religious beliefs and values.

Another factor is that it was not too long ago that TLC fired Derick Dillard after he posted unkind remarks about TLC star Jazz Jennings of “I Am Jazz.”

TLC fired Derick, fans hardly see Jill, and keep eye on social media

Since the time of his firing, fans have only caught glimpses of Jill, who is no longer a regular cast member involved in “Counting On.” After such a public courtship and network termination, the microscopic focus only intensified.

Derick shared a photo on his social media and one of the terms he incorporated in the caption has some fans wondering if there is an underlying meaning. With Derick’s views about Jazz, fans wonder whether his words about Jill are meant literally or suggest a meaning that is a throwback to women subjugated by their husbands.

Derick references Jill as ‘wifey’

The photo is of a meal Jill prepared in advance of a marathon. A thankful Derick posted a photo to his Instagram account, commenting that she makes the “best” pre-marathon meals. His inclusion of the word “wifey” is what has sparked discussion and debate over his intent.

The “wifey” word is at the heart of heated words, with some saying it is derogatory while others claim that it is endearing.

Many fans, the centrists, realize that it is up to Jill to determine if her husband’s interjection of the word offends her. After all, it is her husband and her relationship. Above all others, she is best to assess his intent in drawing on the word to reference her, not another woman or in a different context.

Jill knows her husband better than fans

When fans feel passionate about a topic, though, there is often no convincing them to change their opinion. People could very well have read more into what Derick noted than their take warrants. Fans are, after all, casual observers looking in from outside of that relationship and all that it entails.

Duggar women have been known to say that their husbands know their hearts. Likewise, it is most probable that their husbands feel the same about the woman each married.

CaféMom also noted how quickly people commented on a lone word in one social media post.

According to CaféMom, too, the literal meaning of the word is a derogatory reference to a wife. Well, if her husband’s use of the term does not feel hurtful to Jill, fans will just have to sit back and accept that, too.

The situation could be: Some will not forget the words Derick posted that actually hurt someone and would hate to think that Jill might feel similarly as Jazz Jennings. Be sure to follow Blasting News for the latest information and any updates.