Donald Trump is a man who critics like to paint as a womanizer and someone who puts women at the bottom of the list when it comes to offering up respect. But Trump's latest surprise for Melania Trump may leave the critics at a loss for words.

If you remember Melania's birthday last year, Trump posted a happy birthday message online for his wife that was attacked almost immediately for the slight flub it contained. This year Trump has outdone himself when it comes to showing love and respect for the woman he married and who he is proud to call his "rock."

Melania's lavish gifts?

Most people probably expect Melania to be showered with lavish gifts this week by her husband for her 48th birthday.

Trump got an early jump on her birthday celebration with something special and something that means more than a big ticket gift to a lot of women. The President didn't have to spend a dime, but to many wives -- this gift would be priceless.

Priceless birthday present

On April 26 Melania will turn 48-years-old, but in her case, it is more like "years young" because she doesn't look like a woman nearing 50. Donald Trump wants to celebrate his wife's birthday with the entire nation and that is why he posted a birthday card online for everyone to sign.

The Miami Herald reports that Trump sent an email to the Make America Great Again Committee this week, he explained what he had planned via Breitbart.

Trump wrote:

“Family is one of life’s most amazing treasures, and functioning as America’s First Family has been a truly great privilege!" He then asked: "Please join us in celebrating the first woman and my lovely, kind-hearted and exceptional wife Melania’s birthday by signing up her card."

Trump didn't stop there, he offered up his thoughts about his wife, with words that would make most wives proud to hear their husband say about them.

According to the Miami Post, he went on to share more thoughts and feelings about Melania saying,

"Melania is my rock and base, and I would not be the guy I am now without her by my side.

She is the cornerstone of the family, and an unbelievable mother to our son, Barron.

I’m so pleased with her accomplishments, and I expect you’ll wish her well on her special day.”

What can critics say now?

The Miami Post asked, "Are those the words of a cold-hearted misogynist?" It doesn't seem that way to them and it probably doesn't to most people who read Trump's words.

If Trump's name wasn't associated with this message and it was posted by some random husband somewhere, there probably wouldn't be any negative comments written about it.

Last year's birthday flub for Melania

According to AOL News, last year Donald Trump tweeted out a birthday wish for Melania, which is seen below.

What was the problem with that tweet? Everything was spelled correctly and looked fine, except when someone took a closer look at that American flag embellishing the post. The post below was one of many at the time to point out the mistake.

It seems the American flag came up a little short on stars.

There were only 39 stars on this flag that the President used to put a little patriotic symbolism into his tweet. People were unforgiving over this mistake and soon Trump's nice post to his wife for her birthday became the target of a circus online.