Tallulah Willis shows a lot of skin in a plunging Pink swimsuit she wore while on vacation in the Bahamas. The 24-year-old daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis posted the photo to Instagram on Sunday.

Sexy photo gets attention

Tallulah strikes a sultry pose with one hand on her head and the holding a can of diet Coke. The daring swimsuit showed off side cleavage and had a low scoop in the back. There wasn't much covering her lower portion as the swimwear was practically invisible around the hips and it appeared to flaunt her buttocks.

Demi and Bruce's youngest daughter wore her red hair down and had on sunglasses.

Tallulah captioned the image, "Thank God she finally got over her shyness."

Many complimented Tallulah Willis on how sensational she looked in her swimsuit. They loved her body confidence, something that she's struggled with in the past. When she posted a photo in a bikini, on Christmas break in Idaho, she addressed those who used to criticize her looks. The images also included sisters, Rumer Willis, 29, and Scout Willis, 26, in bikinis.

"Dedicated to everyone who called me ugly at 13," Tallulah wrote in the December image (seen below). The photo got a lot of positive response and made headlines for a week. She and her sisters were among a number of Celebrities posting images in swimwear during the holiday season.

Battles with body image

Tallulah Willis has been open about her battles with body image and sobriety. Last July she posted a photo of her smoking a cigarette and holding a canned drink. She wrote a lengthy post about how she was "malnourished" three years ago and experienced horrible aches. Willis shared that the pain made her realize that "internal cries" to heal her deepest wounds fell on "deaf ears." She admitted to not valuing herself or her body and was routinely punishing herself for not being good enough.

In realizing she was missing out on so much, over the years, due to berating herself, she decided to get sober and have no more regrets.

In glancing through Tallulah's Instagram feed, she's not afraid to post risque photos of herself. One image of her posing sideways without any clothes had followers concerned that she looked ill.

The black and white photo showed her bent down while wearing a pair of black high heels. Her ribs were unusually prominent in the photo, which understandably had a few worrying about her health.

Do you think Tallulah Willis looks great in her plunging pink swimsuit?