The latest episode of "Dragon Ball Super" was full of action, emotions, and surprises. Fans were left shocked when Frieza revealed himself, after being hidden for almost three episodes, and saved Goku from getting knocked out of the ring by Jiren's Ki blast. At that exact moment, Android 17 emerged from the rubble after being presumed dead since Episode 127.

Now that Goku is exhausted, Android 17 and Frieza will have to work together to fend off Jiren and buy some time for Goku to recover so that he can transform into his mastered Ultra Instinct form again.

Not to mention, Universe 7 has three warriors left, so they can win by keeping Jiren occupied before the Tournament of Power ends.

What to expect from Episode 131

From the preview of Episode 131 of "Dragon Ball Super," fans are getting mixed feelings because the characters that were once trying to destroy Goku are now fighting really hard to keep him and everyone else safe. You can spot the intense moment between Golden Frieza and Jiren in the last part of the preview, which means that next episode will most likely feature Frieza versus Jiren, and maybe he is Universe 7's ace in this final battle.

One thing is certain, someone will make a wish to the Super Dragon Balls when the Tournament of Power ends.

The preview hints that it is going to be someone from Universe 7 because the Kais and Hakaishin of Universe 7 are shocked by it.

Whatever the wish may be, Episode 131 will serve as an open-ended finale, just like the "Dragon Ball GT" finale that implied more adventure coming up for Goku and his friends. Akira Toriyama recently announced his plans for the continuation of the series with a movie coming out on December 14.

The movie's plot is rumored to feature the Saiyans and Frieza, along with a new villain.

Zeno never disqualified Android 17

Many fans were convinced that Android 17 died after he sacrificed himself while saving Goku and Vegeta from Jiren's attack, but some fans were not entirely convinced that he had died. The answer was right in front of us.

Androids are able to hide their Ki so that other fighters do not sense it.

In Episode 128, after Jiren eliminates Vegeta, viewers were shown a "zoomed" version of Universe 7's Godpad in which Vegeta is greyed out. This was also a hint that Zeno never disqualified Android 17 from the tournament because he was still alive and hiding in the arena.

The final episode of the Survival arc will air on March 25.