The Actress Demi Moore appeared on Jimmy Fallon's show on June 12 and shared about her experience as she lost her two front Teeth. She revealed her dental issue on that Monday night and blamed stress to be the cause of losing her teeth. The actress has sent Fallon her recent photo without her two front teeth, and eventually, the TV show host asked her what happened.

Stress sheared off her teeth

The 54-year old actress revealed that she lost her teeth through one of the biggest killer diseases in American, which is stress. She blamed stress for losing her two pearly whites although she added that it didn't happen simultaneously.

Nevertheless, the actress further revealed that she took an effort to prepare for Fallon's show and she wanted to make sure that all her teeth are in. She also thanked the modern dentistry for addressing her problems.

Moore also shared that her three children loved seeing her without her front teeth. They think that their mom looks more vulnerable for not having her teeth intact. Meanwhile, amid her teeth lose; the actress admitted that she visited her dentist in order to fix her dental issue. Moore, who appeared to promote her latest movie on Jimmy Fallon's show, shared that she just felt knocked out losing her teeth back then.

Factors involving teeth lose

In one of Moore's interview with Page Six, she admitted the reasons behind her teeth lose.

However, Dr. Gary Glassman, a dentist who specializes on endodontic, clarified that there are lots of factors to be considered why a certain person will lose its teeth.

Although stress cause people to grind their teeth more often, Dr. Glassman believes that anxiety is also another reason why people tend to forget their dental care.

Grinding the teeth causes a lot of friction and in which eventually, it will also cause damage that leads to teeth extraction.

He also added that both stress and anxiety are great factors that affect people's mood. Hence, there would be greater tendencies for them to forget to brush their teeth, flossing, and even attending to their regular dental check-up.

Nonetheless, it is still good to know that Moore was able to fix her dental issue recently.

She just appeared on "The Tonight Show" in all smiles. She perfectly showed up the show having her perfectly white teeth. Meanwhile, amid all these teeth lose news, Moore is currently busy working on her latest project "Rough Night" that is going to air soon.