chrissy metz of "This Is Us" is a fan favorite. She recently decided to write her own book and now E! Online is talking about how Chrissy feels like writing this book was very "therapeutic" for her. This new book is called "This Is Me" and in it, Chrissy opens up about a lot of things that the fans of "This Is Us" don't know about her already.

Chrissy opens up

In this book, Chrissy Metz really does open up even going as far as talking about being abused as a child. She talked about how it was scary to open up like that, but also ended up being "therapeutic" for her to do it.

She said she had to be very "vulnerable." Of course, Chrissy worried about what the fans would think, but lucky for her, she is getting a ton of support about what she revealed.

In this book, Chrissy Metz says that her stepfather hit her and was also very critical of her weight. She reveals that she has now forgiven him and even herself, which was hard for her, but this is a healing process she needed to go through. Metz explained saying, "I think any time we have to verbalize the truth and or rehash it and be that vulnerable about what happened and then wonder what the reaction is going to be is very scary."

Metz talks forgiveness

Another big thing that she talked about in this book, is forgiveness.

This was not an easy task at all, but Chrissy found a way to do it. So far, her stepfather is denying all claims against him, but that hasn't kept Chrissy from sharing what she says is the truth about the way that she grew up. She just feels like he is having trouble being responsible for his actions. Of course, it doesn't look like he is ever going to talk about this abuse in the way that Chrissy Metz is now in her new book that reveals all.

So far, Chrissy Metz doesn't know if he has read the book, but she wants him to do it. Chrissy hopes that he will realize that it isn't all about saying bad things about him, but is more about the way that you can forgive someone for things they did to you in the past. This book is letting the fans know a lot more about Chrissy Metz in a new way and this is an interesting thing.

Her book just came out a few days ago, so you can get your hands on a copy of it now. If you want to learn a lot more about the beauty that plays Kate Pearson, this is the perfect way to do it.

Have you read Chrissy Metz's new book "This Is Me"? Do you feel surprised about how much she opened up? Sound off in the comments below, and don't miss the new season of "This Is Us" when it returns to NBC in the fall.