“Roseanne,” an American comedy sitcom that originally aired from 1988 to 1997, made a triumphant return on ABC last Tuesday.

After generating massive ratings and viewership for its premiere episode, there’s a buzz about a succeeding season for the revival.

ABC likely to renew the series for a second season

According to TVLine, the renewal of “Roseanne” for a second season to the reboot is “a foregone conclusion.” TVLine learned that even before the pilot episode was aired, there are already preliminary conversations.

Whitney Cummings, co-showrunner of the series, is confident that there will be a Season 11.

She told “The TVLine Podcast” that it is just a matter of getting everyone’s schedule work for a new season.

Laurie Metcalf’s (Jackie Harris) schedule is particularly difficult to get, and Cummings said they are hoping to pin her for a few months straight.

Even Channing Dungey, ABC entertainment president, is optimistic that the show will continue. Although, she told IndieWire that she is not yet ready to pull that trigger at this moment.

Stars eager to do more seasons

Cummings told The New York Times that the cast members of “Roseanne” 2018 reboot are willing to do another season. The titular star Roseanne Barr also said in recent interviews that she is game to do additional seasons.

Meanwhile, IndieWire insider sources revealed that the cast members of “Roseanne” are already locked in for at least a 13-episode season, following the nine episodes of the 2018 reboot.

“Roseanne” Season 10 premiered on Tuesday night and 18.4 million viewers tuned in. It also received 5.1 ratings among adults 18 to 49 years old.

According to Dungey, the massive ratings are due to the sitcom’s ability to connect with the audience. The show’s reboot was pitched as timely for the Trump’s administration, and with what’s happening in the country these days, the story resonates with a lot of Americans.

It gets more interesting as the main character, Roseanne, is featured as a Trump supporter. It may not sit well with many Americans who are anti-Trump, but co-executive producer Bruce Rasmussen explained to Entertainment Weekly how they came with the decision. They have to understand that there those who voted for Trump who are not misogynists or racists and who believe that Trump can do something for them. So it made sense for them to make Roseanne a Trump supporter, and it was also easier to find Trump jokes.

“Roseanne” Season 10 airs every Tuesday at 8 p.m. on ABC.