The power to revive the dead is no longer an exclusive attribution of the Dragon Balls within the "Dragon Ball" world. The end of "Super" showed us that there is another way for someone to come back to life without the need to gather the seven spheres and ask Sheng-Long, Porunga or Zarama, as the case may be.

Recall that at the end of chapter 131, Universe 7 was crowned champion of the Tournament of Power, with Android 17 as the only winner. Therefore, he won as a prize, the chance to ask a wish of Zarama, the dragon that comes from the Super Dragon Balls.

The noble desire of the last warrior of the platform

The Android wished that all the destroyed Universes come back to life - and that shows the enormous power of Zarama, which has the faculty of reversing a destruction ruled by the Zeno-Sama. So far everything looks normal.

The only one who was not very happy with that desire was Frieza, who participated in the Tournament on the condition that, if they won, he would be revived. But, in the end, he got his way anyway.

The God Bills was the one who ordered it

As a gift for his great performance in the power tournament, Whis revived the villain at the request of Bills-Sama. How did he do it? He only turned his staff and pointed at Frieza make the halo that covered his head disappear.

Thus, the tyrant returned - once again - to the world of the living. Thanks to this detail at the end, we know that Angels have the power to give life. And this is just one of their many attributions of the most powerful race in the world of "Dragon Ball," behind the Zeno-Sama.

The angels can speak all the languages of the universes, go back in time with their scepters (with a limit of three minutes).

They can also travel through space at great speed, manipulate matter at will or create it from nothing, and perform a birth without pain and blood, among other things.

Death is never final in "Dragon Ball," although the Dragon Spheres we know cannot revive people who die of natural causes or illness, or who have already been revived a number of times.

We do not know if these limitations also affect the power of the angels, but I do not think so. Now, the characters of "Dragon Ball Super", especially the protagonists close to Whis, can be revived much more easily. Yes, Krillin likes this.

What do you think about this new addition to the series? How do you think it will affect the events that take place in the future? Soon I will be bringing more relevant information about these curious details, as well as the development of the new film of the franchise