It is almost time for a new season of "Long Island Medium" and the fans are ready for it. Last season, it was revealed that Theresa and Larry Caputo were having issues and were separated. Extra shared that the new season is going to focus a lot on what is going on between these two. In the big two-hour premiere, they are going to talk about a lot of and fans will finally get some answers. It is unknown if Larry will be on the show again at all after that premiere.

What can fans expect?

The end of last season showed that these two had split after a lot of speculation.

This new season will focus on Theresa moving on. It was filmed a while ago, but it looks like she is doing okay. In the new two-hour premiere, Larry and Theresa talk about the fact that they are splitting. Larry Caputo admits he "can't go on like this." Then Theresa says, "I’m at a breaking point.” You have to wonder what ended up getting her to that point, though. Theresa does admit that they are separated.They have been married for 28 years. This big premiere will be two hours long and is going to focus a lot on their relationship. Maybe they will actually share what went down and caused them to separate after such a long time together.

The new season is coming

This new season of "Long Island Medium" is going to focus on these two moving on from each other, but it is also going to focus on Theresa helping people connect with their loved ones once again.

The preview even shows her meeting with a guy and teasing him figuring out what he brought in his bag. It should be a great season for Theresa as a medium, but the harder part is going to be her home life. She is also seen talking to a couple and doing a reading for them.

The fans love watching Theresa Caputo do her readings, but they also like seeing her life and how things are going for her.

A lot of people were shocked when Theresa and Larry admitted that they were going to call it quits. It would be great news if they were able to work it out, but so far, it just doesn't look like that is going to be the case.

Are you shocked to hear that Larry and Theresa Caputo are having issues? Do you think that these two will ever fix it?

Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "Long Island Medium" when they return to TLC. It will be back on Sunday, April 8. The premiere is two hours, but it should go back to one hour after that first episode. The fans hope that Larry ends up sticking around.