It turns out that Jana Duggar is still living in the bedroom with the little girls. In Touch Weekly shared how fans are talking about what is going on and the fan speculation about why she hasn't moved to another Room yet. All of the girls besides Jana that are in that room are 12 or younger. That makes Jana pretty old to be staying in the same room as them. It is just the way it has always been, but the Duggars do have a pretty big home.

Details of the way Jana lives

So far, Jana Duggar isn't courting anyone at all. She is living in a bedroom with four kids under the age of 12.

Jana is actually 28-years-old. She says she isn't married yet because she is waiting for the right guy. Jana doesn't want to just settle for anyone. There have been people interested in courting her, but nobody has ever made her want to start courting.

Jana Duggar probably wants a bit of privacy at this age. Several of the kids have moved out already, so there is more room in the house. The fans were talking on Reddit about how she should get her own room. One Reddit user said, "Yes. So much. I hope she has her own space sectioned off in some way so she can have SOME privacy." One user talked about how Jana does have a wooden screen next to her bed. That gives her a bit of privacy, but not totally.

So why doesn't this change?

It is really unknown why Jana Duggar doesn't get to move to another room. Of course, part of it just might be the fact she is used to being with the little girls and hasn't asked to move. Jana may be assuming that she will find someone soon, so there is no reason to try and get moved to another room.

Eventually, she may decide to ask. Some of her younger siblings have moved out and just now is she actually in there with all of the little girls.

Fans are just going to have to wait and see if Jana finds the one. Her twin brother John David Duggar still lives at home and hasn't found his love yet either. Most of the older kids have already moved out and got married.

Josiah Duggar is now engaged to Lauren and will be the next to move out of the Duggar home. It is going to be interesting to see if John David or Jana ends up finding someone first. It would be great to see one of them find love this season on the show, but you just never know what will happen.

Are you surprised to hear that Jana Duggar is still living with the little girls? Do you think that it is time for her to get her own room? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "Counting On" when they return to TLC in the summer. The show is coming back for sure and fans can't wait!