Chad Michael Murray's recent Instagram photos at the iconic Wilmington, North Carolina "One Tree Hill" landmarks have Fans buzzing. The photos set off some major nostalgia for fans who continue to hope for a reunion/reboot.

'One Tree Hill' star Chad Michael Murray teases fans

Chad Michael Murray shared some very brooding, Lucas Scott-like photos and captions, leading fans to believe he may be ready to return to Tree Hill in the near future. It is no secret that "One Tree Hill" fans still can't get enough of the former CW series. The show ended in 2012 after a long nine-season run, leaving viewers brokenhearted and wanting more.

Can we get former cast members on board?

The series ran in streaming mode for several years on Netflix, but, the network disappointed numerous subscribers last fall when they removed the series from their streaming lineup. Hulu wisely picked up the series and a good number of subscribers continue to watch the series daily. Fans have been very vocal over the years, expressing their great desire to see a "One Tree Hill" reboot/reunion in any form.

Now, thanks to Chad Michael Murray's Instagram share he has many believing he may just be ready to revive the popular series. Murray is seen in the first photo standing on the bridge seen in the series' opening credits. He captioned the photo: "I returned to the place it all started.

Feels like yesterday . . . OK, maybe not. It feels like 15 years ago I walked this bridge for the 1st time." He even added the hashtag #TheBridgeThatGuidedUsAllTogether.

He also posted another photo sitting on the porch of his TV home with #OnceAScottAlwaysAScott. Is this Chad's way of telling us he is ready to go "home" again?

Chad Michael Murray appears as if he may have time in his acting schedule to commit to such a project, but what about the rest of the cast?

Hilarie Burton appears to spending most of her time as a full-time mom to her two children with actor Jeffery Dean Morgan. As for Sophia Bush, who is best known to "OTH" fans as Brooke Davis, her latest film role in "Acts of Violence" coincidentally has her playing a detective by the name of Brooke Baker.

Could this also be a hint? When the show ended, Brooke had married and had twin sons with Julian Baker.

Nathan and Haley stars James Lafferty and Bethany Joy Lenz also appear to have some free time on their hands at this point should the group decide to get on board a new "One Tree Hill" project. Even if the series is not up for a full-on reboot, fans have expressed their desire for a compromise much like the Netflix miniseries "Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life."

Such a venture could bring the Tree Hill gang back together and give fans a chance to see how everyone's lives have unfolded since the 2012 season 9 finale. Could this be what Chad Michael Murray was teasing fans with when he posted the nostalgic "One Tree Hill" photos?