Sophia Bush's run as "Chicago Pd"'s Detective Erin Lindsay is over, does this mean she is now ready for a return to "One Tree Hill"?

"OTH" fans really want this. It has been a long time since Brooke Davis, Peyton Sawyer, Lucas Scott and Nathan and Haley Scott graced us their presence unless you are one of the "One Tree Hill" fans who are constantly binge watching the seasons on Netflix.

Should 'One Tree Hill' get a revival?

So, since Sophia Bush is done with NBC's Chicago PD does this mean a serious consideration of a "One Tree Hill" revival could come our way soon?

The popular teen drama One Tree Hill ran for nine seasons and fans are still as obsessed today as they were then. The series debuted on September 23, 2003, and ran until April 4th, 2012.

TV fans still love their CW teen dramas.

If you are not familiar with the series, it is along the lines of "Dawson's Creek" and " The OC" also still very popular shows in 2017. "One Tree Hill" is set in North Carolina and follows the stories of two estranged half brothers Lucas and Nathan Scott, who's love of basketball brings them together.

A "One Tree Hill" revival would do well and be huge for any network, CW, Netflix, Fox who would bring back the series. The show, however, starred Chad Michael Murray as Lucas Scott and he is currently tied up with CMT's "Sun Records."

Hilary Burton played Peyton Sawyer, and her most recent acting job is on three episodes on Fox's "Lethal Weapon," so, maybe?

James Lafferty, (Nathan Scott) latest role is in the film "Small Time Crime."

Bethany Joy Lenz, (Haley James Scott) is currently in "Colony" as Morgan, which is listed as a recurring role and the series was just recently renewed for a third season so this may be tougher, but not out of the question.

It is speculated that the cast members, whom all participate in "One Tree Hill" conventions love getting together and are still very close friends according to Hollywood News Daily.

The site also reveals that the series if brought back could be done in a number of ways, perhaps a second generation with the gang as parents and stepping into the advanced adult roles?

Who would not be interested in seeing just how Jamie Scott deals with his high school years?

So what do you think "Tree Hill" fans with the epidemic of television show revivals such as Gilmore Girls, Full House, and just recently announced "Roseanne" don't you think this would be a perfect time for a return to "One Tree Hill"? Why not, and let's push for a "Dawson's Creek" revival while were at it.