Netflix is adamant about keeping customers up to date on their inventory, they even have an entire section of their site devoted incoming and outgoing content. One could say the removal of movies are of no concern as it is simply a marketing scheme. Films are removed only to be placed back into the mix during a time that it is more likely to receive traffic. For example, Americas favorite Cult Classic "Donnie Darko" has been absent from Netflix for months on end, but it is on its way back just in time for Halloween. This isn't uncommon for Netflix.

However, while movies typically fall in and out of the digital video store, there are key shows that remain constant. So what does it mean when Netflix starts to get rid of those shows? According to Netflix "One Tree Hill" which is expected to be removed as of October 1st. Netflix, just like any other company, must be able to justify their spending. While shows like "One Tree Hill," "Gossip Girl," and other hit CW classics were once Netflix's bread and butter, it now appears they have nothing to bring to the table. Leading to the bigger question ...

Is Netflix in danger?

While Netflix was the first largely successful streaming service, they started a trend that everyone has since hopped on, and while Hulu was once perceived to be the only competition, other streaming services have come into play that just might knock Netflix out of the game.

Business Insider reports that Netflix stock is dropping and there doesn't seem to be anything in the works to put it back on the rise. However, not all hope is lost for Netflix. The company hit a home run when they began putting out originals. While Hulu attempted to follow suit, no one does originals like Netflix.

Nowhere else can people find viewer favorites like "Orange is the New Black," "Stranger Things," "Girl Boss" or "Black Mirror."

Netflix Originals Only

Rumor has it that Netflix actually wants to narrow down their content to originals only eventually. While Netflix is a household name, it may not have the same meaning in the years to come.

Would it be a mistake for the company to move in their expected direction, or are they simply thinking ahead? FX, CBS, and even Disney are working on creating their own original content based streaming services for viewers. With moves like this from competitors, Netflix may not have a choice when it comes to streaming nonoriginal content, it may be their only option.