As "Teen Mom 2" fans saw on the special behind-the-scenes episode that aired on Monday night, Jenelle Evans kicked her former best friend Tori Rhyne out of her wedding. After a flurry of profanity and what seemed to be a bit of confusion, Tori sped off in a car with her boyfriend Jesse during the tense moment. Now, Jenelle has given her fans an explanation why she asked Tori to leave and then abruptly ended their friendship for good.

The 'Teen Mom 2' clip

In the shocking clip that gave "Teen Mom 2" fans a closer look at Jenelle Evans' wedding drama, we saw David Eason and part of the wedding party get really upset when one of the guests was being really offensive.David could be seen in the clip as he worked with security to get Jesse away from the wedding reception and into his car without making a bigger disruption.

Then, we see Tori, Jenelle's longtime friend as she makes her way over to the commotion. She doesn't seem to have been involved in the drama with her boyfriend but she was asked to leave along with him in order to keep Jenelle's special day as peaceful as possible.

As Tori and Jesse were driving off, Jenelle was seen as she tried to explain to David and the security guards who had gathered that they should have just let her tell Tori to leave. She pointed out that when she asked Tori to leave, the couple jumped in their car and left without any more drama.

Jenelle addresses the wedding scene

It seems that the drama didn't stop after filming and something must have set Jenelle Evans' off after the special episode of "Teen Mom 2" aired.Tori tried to explain why she was asked to leave the wedding.

According to Tori, someone was trash talking her boyfriend, who then decided to challenge them to a fight if they would meet him "at the end of Jenelle's driveway." She also made it clear that she didn't care whose wedding it was, neither of them would sit by and allow themselves to be talked to like that. Then, Tori blamed the whole thing on the open bar at the wedding, claiming that it was the alcohol that had a few of the men at the wedding wanting to fight.

It's safe to say that Jenelle's friendship with Tori Rhyne is over after what she and her boyfriend did at the wedding. Based on what Jenelle posted to Facebook, there may be no coming back for Tori Rhyne.

It looks like Jesse was doing a lot more than just using profanity at Jenelle and David's wedding.

Based on Jenelle's response to Tori's excuses, she had a pretty good reason for asking them both to go. She also made sure to get a dig in about her former friend's recent drug-related arrest. That truly must have been embarrassing for both David and Jenelle. Yikes!