"Teen Mom 2" star Jenelle Evans has been through some difficult custody battles for her children, and most of them have been with the grandparents of her children instead of their fathers. As many fans know, Jenelle has three kids, Jace, whose father is Andrew Lewis, Kaiser, whom she shares with ex-fiance Nathan Griffith, and daughter Ensley, whose father is Jenelle's husband, David Eason.

Nathan's mother is pulling back her custody fight

As many "Teen Mom 2" fans know, Jenelle Evans has recently been battling Nathan Griffith's mother, Doris Davidson, for custody of little Kaiser.

Doris claims that she believes Jenelle's home was unsafe for her grandson, and even went as far as to insist that Kaiser had been physically abused during his time in the home. Now, after months of drama, it seems there has a bit of a break in the custody battles.

Sources tell The Ashley's Reality Roundup that Doris Davidson is now working with Jenelle Evans' attorney in hopes of heading to mediation to create a schedule concerning the custody of Kaiser. This would mean that the "Teen Mom 2" star wouldn't have to go to court in the case, and could settle things more messily and peacefully. During the last "TM2" reunion special, Doris took the stage with her son Nathan to talk about her worries for Kaiser with host Dr.

Drew Pinsky. Doris revealed that she previously worked in youth services and that she knows the red flags of abuse in children, which she had been seeing in her own grandson.

Abuse allegations

Currently, Kaiser spends most of his time in Jenelle Evans and David Eason's home. "Teen Mom 2" viewers often see the little boy running around and playing at their house and on their large chunk of land.

However, they also see the couple discipline Kaiser for throwing fits and not listening. Often, David is the enforcer of rules, and Jenelle defers to him to hand out punishments as well. However, they have denied any abuse allegations that have been thrown their way.

Jenelle's other custody battle

In addition to Jenelle Evans' custody issues with Nathan Griffith's mother, she also in embattled in a major custody battle with her own mother, Barbara Evans, over her oldest son, Jace.

Barbara has had custody of Jace since he was a baby, and Jenelle has been trying to get him back for years. Things have gotten so bad that the "Teen Mom 2" star now refuses to have a mother/daughter relationship with Barbara until the time comes she agrees to sign custody back over to her.