The casting of the movie “Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance” is on. The movie will describe how a British Prince fell in love with an actress from Hollywood. The wedding is set for May 19 and the movie is scheduled for release before that big day.

News Au reports that Parisa Fitz-Henley (41) will be cast in the role of Meghan Markle. The resemblance is believed to be remarkable and she is touted as a dead ringer for “The Suits” actress. Parisa is not new to the world of glitter and has confirmed the news.

A British actor Murray Fraser has been chosen to portray the role of Prince Harry. He is a relatively new entrant and has so far appeared in two minor roles in “The Loch and “Victoria.

Harry is a redhead, but Murray is not. That should not pose any problem in the age of dyes.

Their celebration plans

Prince Harry is no doubt a British Royal but has seen action as an Apache helicopter pilot in Afghanistan. He has also set up the Invictus Games that brings together war veterans. It was during these Games, held in Canada last year, that he and Meghan were seen together for the first time. Obviously, his perception of the world and its values would appear different to others as are his plans to celebrate his wedding with Meghan Markle, an actress of Hollywood.

According to Metro UK, Meghan wants to break away from traditions. She wants to deliver a speech at her wedding. It is not customary for brides to give such speeches, but she plans to buck the trend.

She wants to pay a tribute to not only Harry but also to the Queen and other members of the Royal family. There will be nearly 800 guests at the wedding which is scheduled to be held at St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle.

The movie will be worth the wait

“Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance” is expected to be a hit. It is about the fairytale romance of Prince Harry, a British Royal, and Meghan Markle, an American actress.

The movie would cover their coming together, and subsequent efforts to keep the matter under wraps till the announcement of their engagement. It is possible that Harry’s days as pilot of Apache helicopters would add to the excitement. Simultaneously, Meghan’s days as an actress of Hollywood would charm the audience. One can predict that the audience would love the movie.

Right now Meghan is learning how to adjust to the role of being a member of the British Royal family and gain acceptance. She has already impressed a section of the family and also those whom she has met. She is an actress and actresses are quick learners. She will succeed with flying colors.