Some huge drama popped off between Instagram star Woah Vicky and "Cash Me Outside" girl Danielle Bregoli last month. Their beef almost turned into a full fight and probably would have except that Danielle is still underage and fighting her probably would have landed Vicky in jail.

Danielle and Vicky had been feuding for several months before finally coming face to face. The social media stars regularly traded verbal jabs, taking shots at each other's antics and fledgling careers. Things seemed to come to a head when Vicky got bucked up and challenged Danielle to meet her outside.

Well, Danielle did roll up and met with Vicky inside a mall on April 16. Despite their ongoing feud and the invitation to fight, there was no actual fight. Woah Vicky opted to pull back and issue a diss track for her enemy instead.

Feud caught on camera

The whole thing was caught on video, quickly going viral and giving Danielle Bregoli another accidental career boost. In it, you can hear her taunted Woah Vicky. Danielle can be heard saying, "You wanna run somewhere? Why don’t you put your bag down, tough stuff? Put your bag down tough stuff."

After squaring off and daring each other to take the first swing, bodyguards stepped in and split the two girls up. That didn't stop Danielle from continuing to taunt Vicky, begging her bodyguards to let them go and let the older girl hit her.

It was pretty clear that if Bregoli hit first, Vicky was going to take as many swings as she could but being that she is an adult and Danielle is still technically a child, she opted not to go to jail for assaulting a minor.

Woah Vicky takes her shot

Even though they didn't come to blows in the mall meetup, Danielle Bregoli and Woah Vicky are definitely still feuding on social media.

Less than two weeks after the faceoff, Vicky released a new song called "Action." It's clearly a diss track against the "Cash me outside" girl but to make sure there's no confusion, the song is labeled a "Bhad Bhabie diss track" and features Woah Vicky beating on and dragging a "bad baby" around.

Danielle doesn't seem to have responded to the Woah Vicky diss track.

She's currently on the Bhanned in the USA tour and just dropped a brand new song with Lil Yachty called "Gucci Flip Flips." That doesn't mean she won't have something to say though. Check out what Woah Vicky had to say about her rival Danielle Bregoli in the diss track below. Just keep in mind that it is NSFW and contains explicit lyrics.