Celina Powell has made quite a name for herself over the past six months or so with claims that her unborn baby was fathered by Offset. Now, she has apologized to Cardi B and admitted to making up the whole story in a shocking new interview with DJ Akademiks.

It's not Offset's baby

Cardi B has denied that Celina Powell's baby was fathered by Offset all along. That didn't stop everyone else from wondering if the Migos rapper put a bun in Celina's oven just a few months before knocking up Cardi, though.

In a shocking turn in the Cardi B - Celina Powell drama, it turns out that none of it was ever true.

“There’s no baby,” Celina admitted on Twitch as DJ Akademiks played Fortnite. “Get over it. Suck my d**k. Y’all investigated this s**t for nine months. I didn’t give a f**k. I was laughing at you b***hes.”

There wasn't even a baby. Celina catfished everyone into believing that she not only was pregnant with Offset's child but that she gave birth in March 2018. Powell went as far as to claim that she named her daughter Karma Kiari Cephus, giving the child Offset's real last name. To make the thing even more bizarre, Celina posted a picture along with the birth announcement that showed her from the neck down while supposedly holding the newborn. So who or what was under that baby blanket in her Instagram story?

Sorry, Cardi

After a bit of prodding from DJ Akademiks, Celina Powell finally offered up some sort of apology for all the stress and drama that she caused. There's no telling if Cardi B will accept it. She has every right to be furious about the rumors that could have ended her relationship and her engagement.

“I, Celina, apologize to you Belcalis.

I’m sorry, I sincerely apologize if I made you, for one second, think Offset was the father of my pretend baby," Celina said in the video. Check out what else she had to say in the NSFW video below.

This isn't the first time

What makes the Celina Powell claims the most disturbing is that it's not the first time she's pulled a pregnancy and paternity stunt.

Don't forget that she tried to claim a child with Chief Keef that didn't exist. After faking two pregnancies with popular rappers in under two years, it's probably time for Celina to slow her roll. Or at least next time she makes a pregnancy announcement, make sure that there's actually a real baby. In the meantime, thank goodness Cardi B and Offset are still going strong. We can't wait to meet their baby, rumored to be a girl, later this summer when she's due.