Kailyn Lowry has spent nearly a decade of her life being filmed by MTV. She started with “16 and Pregnant” which then blossomed to “Teen Mom 2” for some of the girls. Lowry's story was one that resonated with fans. She was strong and determined despite the odds being stacked against her. Kailyn went on to graduate in 2017, something that was important to her since welcoming her first child, Isaac.

Thankful for her situation

Last night, Kailyn Lowry took to Twitter to discuss her future. Right now, she is busy with filming “Teen Mom 2” and doing her “Coffee Convos” podcast with Lindsie Chrisley.

For a single mom raising three boys, Lowry is extremely busy. She watched the special episode of “Teen Mom 2” last night and thanked MTV for the opportunities they had given her. Of course, this had fans wondering whether or not she would be exiting the show. With all of the drama with her co-star, Briana DeJesus, it wouldn't be shocking for Lowry to bail.

When a fan specifically asked Kailyn Lowry if she was leaving “Teen Mom 2,” she said no. She explained that she is just thankful for the doors MTV has opened for her and she is continuing to try and do new things. The “Coffee Convos” podcast is one of those things, and so far, it seems to be doing rather well. In fact, Lindsie and Kail even had Javi Marroquin on a recent episode.

That fired up some heavy drama, and Twitter was filled with confrontation and awkwardness from Lowry and Briana DeJesus.

Drama is coming

With “Teen Mom 2” filming another season, fans are excited to see what will be caught on film.

Kailyn Lowry and Briana DeJesus have been beefing hard. Javi Marroquin is directly in the middle, helping to stir the pot. Since Lowry shares a son with him, it makes it hard for her to exit out of the situation. The “Teen Mom 2” reunion should be good for some drama, though Lowry appears to want to be the bigger person. Given all that she has been through, it isn't shocking to see how Kailyn handles the crazy from her co-stars.

It looks like Kailyn Lowry has big plans for her future. She knows how to achieve those goals, and thanking MTV was definitely a sign of gratefulness. Despite all of the crazy, Lowry has been given an opportunity to better herself and help other girls in the same situation. MTV gave her a platform, and it looks like she will be using it. Even with the drama and chaos, Lowry is still grateful for the chance she was given nearly a decade ago.