Drita D'Avanzo has managed to cause a small uproar on Instagram with a post that has many of her fans guessing who is the fake! The former "Mob Wives" star recently took to social media and posted a screenshot of a conversation she was having. She never revealed who she was speaking with but the context of the conversation is calling someone out for being fake. Then, Drita's friend dares her to post the conversation in order to get a reaction.

A reaction is exactly what she got

In the screenshot, we can see a mystery person messaging Drita and saying, "I can't believe it!

Are u shocked she's so fake! Because I am!"

"Nope. Don't ever be shocked to learn someone is fake," Drita shot back. "Unfortunately, that's common! Be shocked to learn that they are REAL n keep it [100 emoji]. That's a rare quality! This way u will rarely be disappointed in anyone and only impressed by them."

That's when Drita's friend suggested she post the words of wisdom to Instagram for everyone to read. Drita responded that she didn't want to do that because then all the "disloyal mofos" will think she's shading them on social media.

Hopefully Drita got herself another cup of coffee because she would need it to deal with the barrage of comments that came when she did post the conversation.

Now there is all kinds of speculation about who she was discussing in the posted message and whether or not it could be "Mob Wives" related. So far, Drita hasn't clarified anything.

A 'Mob Wives' reboot without Drita

Fans learned back in December that "Mob Wives" is one of the latest shows trying to make a big reboot return to television.

While many think that the series is never going to be the same without Big Ang, others miss the series so much that they are willing to risk it.

Jennifer Graziano made it clear that the popular VH1 series is headed back to television and even confirmed that it would take place in and around New York. However, when the reboot does hit the small screen, it may not end up on its original network.

So far, no one has been confirmed to officially be returning to the show but Drita D'Avanzo did make it clear that she would not be.

When rumors of the "Mob Wives" reboot started to circulate, Drita posted an old clip of herself and the now-deceased Big Ang, someone asked her about a possible reboot. Drita responded, "Don’t know. Don’t really care. I’m outta there lol."

Many seem to think that a "Mob Wives" reboot without Big Ang just wouldn't be the same. That may be true and to add to that, a reboot without Drita D'Avanzo, who was an original cast member of the VH1 series, definitely wouldn't be the same. We don't need a show to know who Drita is talking about on Instagram, though. Hopefully she'll reveal the "fake" soon.