Jenelle Evans' job with MTV is still up in the air. The MTV executives still have not decided what to do with her amid the firing of her husband, David Eason. Evans could also be terminated, which would leave an open spot on “Teen Mom 2.” There are already four other girls filming, but with six weeks left, another girl being added to the show isn't out of the question.

Replacing Jenelle is probable

It looks like adding a fifth girl to “Teen Mom 2” is in the plans. Earlier this month, there were two names tossed around when it came to replacing Farrah Abraham.

Mackenzie Standifer and Mackenzie McKee were both reportedly in the running. With Jenelle Evans possibly being fired, it looks like one of these ladies will be brought in to replace her.

Mackenzie McKee was in the running to be added to “Teen Mom 2” when Briana DeJesus swooped in with a better storyline. According to Radar Online, MTV is already filming with Mackenzie McKee, and they feel like she would be a good addition. Right now, there are camera crews with her and this special is a test. McKee has a lot going on in her life, and her mother was recently diagnosed with cancer. She could bring a lot of drama, and her connection to Briana isn't going unnoticed. The two were co-stars on the now-defunct “Teen Mom 3.”

The official announcement

“Teen Mom 2” viewers are waiting to see what MTV will say about Jenelle Evans and her future with the show.

Meetings were supposed to happen earlier this week, but as of now, no official word has been given. It took the network roughly a day to fire David Eason after learning about his homophobic and transphobic remarks. Initially, the couple attempted to do damage control, but that was thwarted because no one believed them. Deactivating Twitter was not enough, and MTV issued the statement about Eason on Tuesday.

Since then, buzz about a replacement has been heard around social media. Evans wants to support her husband, and if the show doesn't fire her, she may just quit on her own.

There are still a few weeks of filming. Production has not halted with the other girls, so that means a new season is definitely coming. “Teen Mom 2” has had a lot of drama during the off-season, and it is definitely making headlines.

Aside from the Jenelle Evans and David Eason drama, there has also been plenty happening between Kailyn Lowry and Briana DeJesus. The upcoming season should bring good ratings for the network, especially with all of the drama.