For those in love (or perhaps need?) with a good, fulfilling TV series drama, ''This Is Us'' has been around for a while now to satisfy that craving. Within the TV drama's territory, this NBC masterpiece must be placed on a high ground.

It's that neverending narrative's thickness designed to keep the viewer trapped for the entire duration of the show. This isn't the regular TV show one can watch while on the sleep edge at night. It's a social complex puzzle that follows a sole family path throughout time, back and forth over a several decades stretch.

Therefore, there is no wonder why viewers' interest into the matter has been on the rise recently. A Golden Globe recognition had helped the cause too.

An interesting airing schedule

Season 2 consists of two separates halves. But, the second chunk brought some uniqueness too. In what can be easily described as an attempt to inject realism, the last two episodes were delivered on a specific timetable. One of them was describing the Super Bowl and the night Jack Pearson died. Thus, it was aired on the same night as the Superbowl while the next one hit the airwaves two days later.

Episode 14 'Super Bowl Sunday' and Episode 15 'The Car' will most likely go down as the most dramatic ones of the entire series.

Then, a three-week pause was looming ahead up until the next episode. Now, ''This Is Us'' is about to resume its flow thus putting an end to a three-week drought.

Processing a two-episode chunk in just 48 hours is barely a reason for having such a long break. For those truly addicted to this show's unique feature, some Withdrawal Symptoms might be there, in a dark corner of the mind.

But, they should endure a bit more as on Tuesday they will receive yet another shot of excitement.

What to expect from the next episodes

Jack Pearson died but this fact doesn't change much. As a matter of fact, it seems like his fans will get to know him better.

A short video teaser was released on ''This Is Us'' official channel on YouTube.

The promo 'Jack's story has just begun' hints that a deeper emersion into Jack Pearson's past is likely to be presented next. At some point, Jack was dressed up like a soldier while being in a helicopter which means that his Vietnam's adventure will be under the magnifying glass too.

Moreover, the last segment of Season 2 will give more glimpses into how Pearson family managed to adapt to a life without having Jak around. Three children and a widow are sharing the burden of a heavy loss that changed their lives forever.